What Are The Requirements For The Use Of Cardboard Production Lines?

- Nov 23, 2019-

       1. Monthly (pre-implementation of the written plan to the workshop technical review) should be thoroughly cleaned, first start the slow running, spray with water to make the strip fully wet, put a proper amount of detergent, clean with a brush, clean Rinse with water once, and if necessary, turn on the steam and slowly dry.

       2. When using the initial strip, adjust the tension to the proper position, that is, not loose or tight.

       3. When the plate is contracted, adjust the tensioner in time to relax the tension. board

       4. Always check the fixed length of the straps on both sides of the strap to prevent the hooks from coming out during operation.

       5. In order to prevent the strip and paperboard from staying on the hot plate during shutdown, the strip and cardboard must be supported after the machine is stopped to leave the surface of the hot plate to avoid the belt and cardboard coking and damage the belt surface.

       6. After the end of the shift, wipe with a dry cloth or use a brush to wash the strip (not afraid of water) and do not leave paper dust and other dirt on the belt surface. It should prevent the adhesive from contaminating the strip. The belt surface must be cleaned so that the air permeability of the strip is not affected and the quality of the board is guaranteed.

       7, the belt should always be careful not to be skewed during operation, in case of deviation, it must be adjusted in time. The adjustment method: (according to the structure of the machine), the strip runs to the right, and the right adjustment device is loose; otherwise, the left side runs loose on the left side; note that the amplitude of each adjustment cannot be too large, and the strip will be deformed after being too large (note) : Different grades of cardboard have different degrees of deviation.)