The Duties Of The Merchandiser

- Nov 15, 2019-

The duties of the merchandiser

The newly opened carton factory, in the clear, mainly what kind of product packaging, renting or building a factory, loading the machine, production supervisors and operators in place, can basically choose a good day to start working.

But why do you specifically talk about the problem with the order?

The friend's factory, with the single clerk suddenly had something to take time off, and did not do the job handover. The company had a smooth operation, and the customer rushed, the new order was unquoted, and the order was not purchased in time. The workshop does not know which customer's order to make priority. The friend is constantly on the phone and is overwhelmed. The importance of the documentary is visible.

Generally speaking, the carton factory's order is like a transportation hub. There is a problem in this link. Foreign customers don't know whether the order can be delivered in time. There is no material standard for the internal purchase. I don't know which one to buy. The material of corrugated cardboard, the production supervisor does not know how to arrange the order of the customer's order, the deliveryman does not know the delivery time of the completed order, the financial can not get the delivery receipt in time, the account payment can not be settled, visible documentary The importance of it.

So what are the requirements for the order?

1. First of all, we must have a good working attitude. We must not show our personal emotions and sorrows in our work. We must have good communication skills. If we dispute with our customers, we can't coordinate with production. .

2. Be aware of the company's production capacity, not all orders can be received.

3. Be familiar with the company's customers, be responsible for the management of customer data, and establish a sound customer database (customer's name, address, contact, contact number, mobile phone, fax, email, account opening account, etc.)

4. Be familiar with the job responsibilities and schedule of the order.

5. To be familiar with the production process of carton and have good interpersonal handling ability, this is especially important when dealing with customer's urgent orders and complaints.

So what is the daily work of the document?

1. After receiving the customer's order, you need to reply to the customer's receipt of the order in the first time, check the delivery date, quantity, and printed content (also known as Shantou) with the customer. After confirming the error, enter the system.

2. Enter a good order to make a production plan, a cardboard purchase order, after the verification is correct, the production order and the Shantou order are handed over to the production department, and the purchase order is ordered according to the customer's requirements.

3. One hour before work every afternoon, a day and tomorrow production schedule, customer shipment information to the production department, and follow-up to understand the production situation. Special circumstances shall be handled in consultation with the production supervisor in a timely manner.

4. If the goods to be delivered in the morning must be loaded and the delivery note is delivered the night before; contact the customer before delivery to explain the specific conditions of the goods, arrival time and other related matters; control the loading situation and the number of times of delivery, Reduce transportation costs.

5. Before going to work every day, you must put together a summary of the orders of all customers on the same day and hand them over to the responsible person at the next level.

6. Receive the delivery note from the supplier, check whether the specification quantity of the paperboard purchase order and delivery note is consistent, whether the quality is up to standard, and confirm the error after entering the warehouse; the cardboard that is put into the warehouse must be marked on the material label card. Paper, easy for the paper separator master to find paper.

7. Carefully do the customer and supplier's return, receipt and replenishment cancellation and replenishment work due to quality problems; and report it to the manager and the finance department for bookkeeping.

A responsible order can judge the customer's operation status according to the customer's order change, and provide real and effective data for the company to make improvement follow-up basis. It can be said that it is equivalent to half a business person, so many companies will give a certain commission to the order according to the turnover of the month.