The Die-cut Indentation Plate Is Not Fixed Firmly, Which Will Cause Abnormalities.

- May 10, 2019-

Since the die-cutting creasing is in contact with the paperboard, the pressure required is relatively large. If the die-cut layout size is too large and the frame-mounted version is not used, the installation of the plate is difficult to be very firm. It is not easy to move the die-cutting plate along the horizontal position of the plate during operation.
The position of the die-cut version has moved, so the position of the die-cut layout will inevitably move, and it is not strange to be surprised.
In addition, under the action of huge pressure, the die-cutting plate may also make the core of the plate solid, and the steel blade is also prone to bending and other undesirable conditions.
The appearance of these two kinds of anomalies will cause the die-cut layout specifications to change, resulting in inaccurate specifications and affecting the die-cutting accuracy of the product.
After the work is completed, the removed die-cutting plate should also have a fixed storage position to avoid collision with hard objects and deformation.
Careful observation and inspection should be taken during the production process, and problems should be taken to correct them in time.