Successful Method

- Nov 15, 2019-

I really don’t have the confidence to say this topic because I don’t know what to make money. If I don’t, I won’t tell you. I’m going to make a fortune, right? But I am definitely not here to delay everyone's time. Tell yourself about your own experience.

At the beginning of the year, a friend introduced a customer from Nanning, Guangxi, to me. The machine used was a bit problematic, and the manufacturer handled it many times without solving it. The friend introduced the situation, I know it is a small problem, so I called the customer and asked him to deliver the parts to me. The problem was solved according to the sample size. The customer must ask me to check it out.

To be honest, I am not willing to go, the problem is not too big, and I have dealt with the same problem too much. Finally, the customer said that all the expenses he came out, I also want to know me, and I also said that I also Just when I went out to play, I promised the customer to leave today.

Here I have to vomit, I went to the high-speed rail station half an hour earlier, and the number of people who bought the online ticket was much more. The time was coming, and the communication with the ticket was long. The text message was also given to me. I must let the ticket, the result was good. Lined up to get tickets and so on to my car opened early, and re-buy tickets, no seat, a little want to go to the next day, but embarrassed to repent, stood all the way, more than four hours. The exclusive business is good, he has the final say, what services are there.

When I got to the place, the customer was already waiting. Go to the client company, look at the equipment, check a few linkages, tell the customer what problems need to be dealt with, and use them for half an hour before and after, as I expected.

In the customer's factory, I walked around and found that the customers are doing high-quality and high-weight cardboard boxes. All of them have learned that this means that the added value must be high and the relative profit is good. At present, there is only one production line, and one is already booked, and will enter the factory in a few days.

During the chat, I asked the customer how much turnover the company had in a year. The customer said that it was about 30 million yuan, not including the fact that he could not do it for others. I heard the first thing in my heart, why? The annual turnover of a production line will be about two million at full capacity.

Then I asked the customer how many salesmen, the answer is no, all the business is their own, which makes me more curious. Deep chat, the customer is a salesman himself, without any background, his own carton is only five or six years, not too long, and not very familiar with the carton, but basically in the province's three-tier carton There is almost no more than his factory. (Note: the first-grade factory is the base paper, the second-level factory is the cardboard and the carton at the same time. The third-level factory is specialized in the carton. The division of the level here is only the different focus of the product, and the level of the status. No matter)

Customers who bought this year have not yet entered the factory, and two or three million pieces of equipment are all in full cash. The daily operation of the company will not be affected at all, and the strength is deep.

I finally couldn’t help but wonder, I asked the customer what is the unique cheats of the business in the past few years? Let me learn too.

The customer smiled and didn't answer me. I asked again about this question.

The customer thought about it: "Which cheats are there, we are not developed in the industry here. The demand for cartons cannot be compared with that of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. The three-level factory can't compete with the second-tier manufacturers in the agricultural box. Most of the same level are playing. The price war is difficult.

I said that you are doing so well, others are not enough to eat, you can't finish it, there must be a way.

The customer said that it is very simple, saying that you don't laugh, my method is very simple, that is, earn 10% less.

I said it was a price cut?

The customer said that it is not the same price, my quality is 10% better than my peers. For example, the customer requires empty box pressure to be 400 kg, I give the customer 500 kg, the facial paper requires 200 g, I give the customer 220 g. Other physical indicators are also using this method. Slowly, the customer trusts me very much. My carton is exempt from inspection, and I continue to introduce business to me.

The customer said that many of my peers said that I was stupid. Why can I earn more if I earn more? Now that the work cuts are so serious, it is already a conscience enterprise that can be done according to the agreement, and it must exceed the expectations of customers. However, my stupid peers are either closed, or they are still the same size, and they are still struggling with their peers.

The customer said that I am not at all worried about the order and payment. I also have the money to run the money. I did not pay for the goods. The market is so big, there is always business to do, as long as I earn less than 10%.

My summary to the customer is: The most savvy is you!

What do you think?