Structure and application requirements of Platen Machine

- Oct 31, 2019-

The Platen Machine has special requirements in some aspects. It is also targeted in structure, and it also needs to pay attention to some things in use. We can analyze the following.

The structure and application requirements of the special-shaped die press: if the tablet is pressed out in the special-shaped die, the die has certain positioning requirements, such as square, triangle, ellipse and other shapes. The punch up bar of the turntable has requirements on the structure of the Platen Machine. The requirements on the die are raised because the punch up bar needs to be equipped with a directional key, which is in coordination with the punch up bar of the turntable during the installation process. The lower punching rod does not leave the middle die hole in the working process, and does not need other processing. It is not able to rotate freely to press tablet punching rod with special-shaped die. Instead, it moves up and down the upper and lower guide rails. When driven by the turntable, the punching rod and guide rails are subject to sliding friction, so that the punching rod and guide rails are worn each other. Therefore, when we use them, we should pay attention to lubrication, and also remember to do maintenance every day. We should regularly check whether there is looseness and wear. When affected, the punching rod and the middle die cannot be operated for production.

The special-shaped die can only be installed after the punch rod is positioned accurately with the middle die. When the punch rod is in the middle die hole, it can be tightened again, so as not to cause inaccurate positioning. After all the dies are installed, rotate them by hand for a few times. In no special case, move them again. The structure and application requirements of the two color Platen Machine: how the two color tablet is formed is pressed with two materials. In terms of the structure of the Platen Machine, we mainly reconstruct the lower guide rail to experiment the two color tablet and fill the tablet twice. When we suppress the two color tablets, the situation is: when the two materials are together, the content does not meet the requirements. We can adjust the filling first and then adjust the content of the two materials successively. The pressed tablet will split and the hardness will not be coordinated, which is mainly due to the reason of the material. The density and dry humidity of the material are not adjusted well, and the material will be pressed after adjustment.

When pressing the bicolor tablet, the pressure must be adjusted well, because the bicolor tablet needs to be filled twice. If the pressure of the first filling is not adjusted properly, the hardness of the lower half of the tablet is hard and soft, and the second filling is to complete the pressure of the tablet again, so the pressure adjustment determines the tablet. In general, there are two vacuum cleaners in the double color Platen Machine, because they can absorb powder separately and can be recycled. There are special requirements for materials. You can take a piece of material separately and determine the content to determine its accuracy.