Stitching Machine And Folder Gluer Machine

- Nov 13, 2019-

After the corrugated board is slotted or die-cut, the forming process is required. There are two main ways of forming the carton, one is the stitching machine nailing, and the other is the folder gluer machine bonding (also can be hand-bonded).

Under what conditions do you use stitching machine or glue machine? There is no certain rule for this, mainly depending on the needs of customers. glue boxes are not easy to scratch the contents of the box, so many guests generally do not allow stitcher boxes, but larger items or relatively heavy products such as air conditioners, etc., will choose stitcher  which are firmer and less prone to damage.

However, if you are doing packaging for export products, you should pay attention to it, because many European and American countries have relatively strong environmental awareness, and the cardboard boxes must be recycled. After the nailing, the cardboard boxes are not easy to remove the nails, which is easy to cause damage to the papermaking equipment. The box machine is nailed and glued.

At the same time, European and American countries have certain requirements for imported carton standards. For example, nailing is not allowed, and filming is not allowed. Therefore, for products exported to Europe and the United States must pay attention to not be able to nail at random, to ask the requirements of carton molding.


1. The glue is applied to the joint of the corrugated board, and there is no glue overflow or extravasation after the bonding.

2. The bond is firm, and the box is torn and dried after 30 minutes of drying, which can tear 85% of the fiber.

3. After the carton is bonded, there is no glue other than the other parts of the bonding place, and it cannot be opened.

4. Align the glue boxes to ensure that there is no edge on the bonded edges after the carton is formed.

5. After the carton is bonded and formed, the cover of the box also has a closed gap called the flap, which is less than 3mm.

Carton stitching quality standard

1. The nail line of the nail box is not allowed to have rust, the copper plating layer on the surface is peeled off, cracks and the like.

2. The outer surface of the nail box should be flat, the nail buckle inside the box should be firm, there should be no overlapping nails, the nail buckle can not be bent, and there is no way to break the nail.

3. The studs are arranged neatly, the skew of the nail rows is less than 5mm, and the distance between the studs is uniform. The usual standard is: the double nail pitch is less than 80mm, the single nail pitch is less than 60mm, and the nail pitch error is not more than 10mm.

4. The stitching carton is aligned, there must be no super edge phenomenon, and the edge of the nail box needs to be indented to be less than or equal to 3 mm.

5. The size of the head nail is about 6 to 25 mm from the bottom of the box.

6. The nail line uses 16-18 with low-carbon steel partial wire with plating. The plating is more common with copper plating and galvanizing.

A carton production line will basically be equipped with 1-2 nail box machines, or a glue box machine. The nail machine can be operated by one person, but one person needs to be bundled with a baler. The glue box machine needs two people, one person feeds, one person packs, usually the back end of the glue box machine will be connected to the baler.