Slotter Machine

- Nov 13, 2019-

After the printing is completed in the carton production, it is necessary to enter the next process: slotting, the function is to cut out the width of the cover to facilitate the folding box molding. The common method is one-half of the width of the carton, and there are also large and small covers without a cover. The way the product is packaged is different, but the approach is the same.

It is also useful to have no bottom and no cover, no need to slot, such as the most common vertical air conditioner, refrigerator, etc., there is a special tray at the bottom, and the top is covered, which eliminates the slotting.

At present, the slot width of the carton is basically between 7-7.5mm, and it is also useful to 6mm and 8mm, which is special and rare.

There are three most common ways of grooving: 1. The printing slotting process is done once on the connected equipment. 2. Independent high speed automatic paper feed rotary slotting machine. 3. Semi-automatic rotary slotting machine and boring type slotting machine that require manual feeding.

The boring-type slotting machine uses the principle of scissors. It can only cut out the nail strips of the nail box and the notches of the box cover. It is impossible to press out the length and width of the carton and need to be pressed out on the paper separator.

Poor slotting can cause the following abnormalities after the carton is formed:

1. The carton cannot be a standard cuboid or cube, and the whole front and rear or left and right are skewed.

2. When folding the box, there will be no alignment between the left and the right front and the box cover, or there will be gaps, or the front and rear pressure, or the left and right skew, the image is compared to the scissors mouth or the size side.

3. There are holes in the four corners on the upper and lower sides.

The above problems occur. If it is a manual stitching or a floder gluer. it can be overcome by the operator's external force correction. However, if the carton molding is completed by a fully automatic nail box machine or a glue box machine, there will be many defective products that may cause the customer to return the goods. .

How to solve it? There are many reasons for this phenomenon, so please leave a note in the future. Please pay attention.

If it is a printing slotted in-line device, there is no need for additional staff, independent equipment to complete, do not want to pay too much labor costs, in principle, an operator is enough.