Semi-automatic Adhesive Box Machine

- Dec 11, 2018-

Semi-automatic adhesive box machine can be divided into two kinds: the first in the domestic use of more popular, mainly used in carton folding, glue, shaping, conveying, pressurization, counting, blowing and other functions, the entire machine by the feeding department, coating part, plastic parts, conveyor pressure department, receiving record part and so on. Operating procedures are manually by the workers after the finished piece of cardboard folded into the coating part, by the coating part automatically in the cardboard bonding part of the glue, through the roller sent to the plastic department one by one plastic to reach a certain number of automatic transmission pressure, blow dry and eventually complete. This semi-automatic adhesive box machine is suitable for standard folding cover a box of outer boxes, and requires cartons of corrugated  "Fold line " must be pressed well, otherwise glued cartons may produce scrap.

The machine is very suitable for die-cutting processing of cardboard, its maximum folding cardboard size is 1200mmx1200mm, the minimum 400mmx400mm, production speed is 50 pieces per minute ~70 tablets. Another semi-automatic adhesive box machine, it is with the help of the structure of the Paste box machine to form the evolution, this kind of adhesive box machine is composed of automatic feeding department, polishing coating part, conveyor department, manual folding pressure part. Workers fold the compaction manually, to a certain number, and then put it to the air pressure work part to tighten. It is characterized by the feed part of the automatic feeding speed, but can not send folding cardboard, can only be sent to the flat plate, this kind of adhesive box machine feeding department similar to the frontier feed structure. It is made of special tape, roller and other feed. At the same time can also be completed on the two boxes of cardboard bonding, and can be completed on the special carton, deflected box and other specific cartons bonding. Its polishing, coating work department can be very accurate in the need to glue the part of the hair, glue, can also use the machine configuration of the nozzle to the special box for local spraying glue.

The machine has 12 working bits on both sides, which can be produced by 12 workers at the same time, and the production speed is also considerable.