Printing Machine

- Nov 08, 2019-

Yesterday I talked about the paper-rolling line. Today I will talk about the most important part of the carton production: the printing process. Why do you want to say this? Vision is the first reaction of the human brain, and the effect seen at a glance will make a good judgment in the subconscious.

At present, there are three kinds of processes in carton printing, both domestically and internationally: offset printing, pre-printing and flexographic printing. The difference between the three printing methods will be discussed later. Here, we mainly talk about the most widely used flexographic printing in the current carton production process.

Carton flexo printing: Refers to the part that needs to be displayed directly printed on the corrugated board. The first two processes start printing before the corrugated board is finished. Flexographic printing belongs to the category of letterpress printing, and the graphic part of the printing plate is higher than the blank part, like a seal.

In the production process of printing and grooving, the two most common methods are:

1. First print and then slot, the two processes are operated separately using different equipment. This method is most common in Guangdong, especially in newly opened carton factories. However, the second production method is gradually considered due to the labor cost.

2. The printing grooving process is completed once on the connected equipment.

There are several ways to print:

1. Simple pattern text.

2. Color printing: Machine performance, accuracy and stability can be directly reflected in this point.

3. Dyeing printing: It is to print a layer of color required by customers on the paper of corrugated board. Simply put, it is discoloration, also known as solid printing or color block.

4. Contrast printing: through the superposition of colors into different colors, like the imaging of the TV is also the principle.

The quality of the printing directly determines the quality of the carton, and the factors that affect the printing quality are as follows: 1. The accuracy and stability of the machine. 2. The flatness of corrugated board, the weight of the paper and the moisture. 3. The skill level of the operator. 4. Water-soluble inks used for printing. 5. Production of printed flexo.

Need to explain: The points mentioned above are not used in light and heavy points, any problem will affect the printing effect. The loss of cardboard is also mainly concentrated in this link.

As can be seen from the above, the most complicated technical content of the carton production process is also in the printing process, so the printing operator's salary will be higher than other process operators.

Two printing equipment: one printing master and one deputy. If it is a high-speed printing equipment, it is best to have two deputies.

Please pay attention to the detailed printing technology.

Slotting of carton production process