Precautions For Paper Mounting Machines

- Dec 11, 2018-

The quality of the face paper will cause the paper machine to be framed and affixed. In the daily production, because the face paper printing when each group of teeth handover is not allowed, so that the face paper in the mouth of the tear phenomenon. When mounting with a cardboard machine, it is easy to crash the face paper into a curved or folded state during the paper feed process, and after the mounting will cause the surface paper and corrugated cardboard to be uneven phenomenon.

When this happens, we have to adjust the handover time of the teeth, to prevent tearing the surface paper in the mouth of the paper. In addition, if the moisture content of the surface paper is not suitable or stacked untidy, it is also easy to make the edge of the mouth paper curl. At this time, the paper feed chain on the front of the working face and mouth paper edge is not in a straight contact push state, in this case mounted cardboard will also make the surface paper obviously protruding corrugated cardboard, die-cutting will be due to protruding surface paper easy to bend and cause the front gauge positioning is not allowed, die cut out of the semi-finished products will produce errors

This requires us to control the moisture content of the surface paper, to prevent high water content to reduce its stiffness. There is also for printing, glazing, calendering or laminating after the semi-finished paper, we must be stacked neatly to prevent deformation, curl of bad conditions. In this way, you can avoid the face paper and corrugated cardboard when the phenomenon is inaccurate. Here we would also like to remind you that the usual inventory of face paper should be the characteristics of attention.

For its temperature, humidity, smoothness must have a quantitative standard and strict implementation, may be a momentary carelessness will cause the loss of a batch of products.