Introduction Of Adhesive Box Machine

- Dec 11, 2018-

Adhesive box machine is a carton factory used to glue folding carton machinery and equipment, divided into folding type and lower folding type two categories. Adhesive box machine is generally composed of paper feeder, correction Department, Trace line shaping department, coating part, folding part, counting discharge department. In the general sense of the sticky box machine refers to the corrugated board of the entire box process all by the machinery to complete the equipment, does not include by the manpower involved in folding and correcting the simple glue coating device.

The front end of the adhesive box machine can be wired on the printing or printing type of watermark slotted die-cutting machine, the back end of the adhesive box machine can be connected to the automatic bundle charter and automatic Palletizer, so that the production of corrugated boxes streaming, greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.