Installation Requirements For Nail Box Machines

- Dec 11, 2018-

Newly purchased nail box machine before use, we must carefully read the equipment instruction manual, understand the basic structure of the equipment, performance and use methods, to avoid the use of blindness on the operation. When nailing the box, adjust the position of the main bezel and left and right bezel according to the lid of the carton, as well as the position of the upper and lower nail head. When adjusting, it should be noted that the left and right bezel can not be clamped too tightly, but the cardboard can be easily inserted and extracted as suitable. When the mechanical adjustment is complete, you can touch the screen for computer settings: carton height = The original carton high -40mm, carton nail count, carton ordering distance, whether to set a strengthening nail, monolithic, double-chip selection and other sets of settings, and then can be nailed box.