Installation And Adjustment Of Corrugated Board Production Line

- Oct 26, 2019-


The installation of corrugated board production line after purchase is also a very important link. All users purchase the board production line to provide convenience for themselves, rather than to make trouble for themselves. Therefore, in the process of purchasing the board production line, the installation, adjustment and after-sale of products will be placed in an important position.

The installation and adjustment elements of corrugated board production line are as follows:

1. After the corrugated board production line equipment enters the workshop, set iron nails along the reference points selected at both ends of the workshop, pull a line and take it as the center line, and then place and connect the equipment in turn.

2. The whole machine will be installed in full vertical, straight and compact type, and the key parts shall be firmly fixed with foundation and foundation or expansion nails.

3. When the equipment is installed, a distance of at least 1 meter shall be reserved between the equipment and other equipment or obstacles to facilitate operation or maintenance.

4. The foundation of corrugated board production line shall be leveled. After the equipment is installed in place, the oil and sundries on the equipment shall be removed.

5. Check the fastening of each joint and the clearance between the roll and gear, and check the lubricating points of the oil standard of each part of the lubricating system.

6. Check the electric appliances and protective grounding zero line of corrugated board production line, and replace them correctly after they are normal. Test the power supply to start the motor with no load, and slowly adjust the speed, rotate the torque, check the spring direction, and then conduct the production and use according to the specific operation after the fragrance runs normally.