Influencing Factors Of Paper Mounting Machine

- Dec 11, 2018-

The mounting speed of the paper-mounted machine depends on the following factors: paper size; paper smoothness; corrugated thickness; speed of paper delivery; 

1.Fitting accuracy: This is also related to the paper itself, but the main problem is still mechanical structure problems.New machine or maintenance, a period of time will appear the fit accuracy is not normal. The main problem is the following a: positioning chain wear (elongated). B Positioning Claw Wear (refers to the base through the chain).C positioning Claw active sprocket has worn out. There are, of course, other factors that cause wear and tear, such as: the wear of the rubber wheel bearing, the gear gap of the four-wheel group is too large, etc.All these bring to the operator and the rear die-cutting department trouble. 

2.Degumming and stained flowers: glue more on the fly glue and then stained with flowers, glue less degumming.This is divided into two aspects: the nature and concentration of glue, glue wheel and scraping rubber wheel wear or cleaning water wheel and rubber wheel balance gap, and then bearing or shaft head wear caused.

3.Fly up the paper: this situation with double or multiple sheets of paper, this problem is mostly vacuum help has worn out caused by blowing pressure and insufficient flow caused.

4.Corrugated paper: This situation with the tape grinding thin, grinding force reduced, high-pressure blower strength is not enough and so on.

5.Production Speed: The general speed of 2500-4500 sheets/up and down.