Features Of Paper Mounting Machine

- Dec 11, 2018-

1.suitable for 175-550 grams of paper jam and corrugated bonding;

2.the whole machine using PLC control system control, high stability;

3.the bottom paper using suction automatic feed;

4.face paper using humanized front feed, easy to save effort;

5.flattening part of the use of floating removable flattening;

6.Automatic glue supplement system, and with glue recycling;

7.the new concept before the provisions of the bit, the bottom paper never ahead;

8.measurement roller line speed scientific design, to avoid high-speed operation of the glue;

9.fast, easy to send paper, smooth and accurate operation;

10.the use of scraper plus circulating water to clean the lower roller, the back of the bottom paper more clean;

11.the use of unilateral adjustment mechanism to adjust the pressure of the crimping roller, convenient; 12.gear rack mode control sink lifting, easy to remove cleaning.