Carton Production Process, Slitter Paper Scorer And Personnel

- Nov 06, 2019-

The most concerned issue for people in the newly opened carton factory that I have been exposed to in recent years is: What equipment is needed? how much is it? The reason why I put it in the current series is that I think positioning is more important, and I will not take a detour if I have a clear direction.

This series of machines is mainly for the production of food, clothing, electronics, toys, pharmaceuticals, hardware, agricultural products and other outer packaging cartons that are not large products.

Let me talk about the carton production process:

1. slitter paper : The width of the unfolded width required to cut out the carton and the height of the carton.

2. Print out the pattern or text information the customer needs.

3. Make the length and width of the required carton and the fold line through the grooving process.

4. The grooved cardboard is glued or glued into a complete carton.

5. According to the number of packages required by customers, bundle shipments.

Below is the type of machine, the model and the number of operators required for a production line.

Ordinary paper separators can also choose thin knife paper separators, so what is the difference?

The knives used are different. The earliest ordinary paper separators used bowl knives, usually between 17 and 19 mm, and later changed to a disc cutter with a thickness of 9-11 mm. The blade can be ground and reused after it becomes dull.

The knife used in the thin balde slitter scorer  machine is between 1-1.2 meters. After the blade becomes dull, it can be reused by the special grinding wheel grinding mechanism that comes with the machine.

The biggest difference between the two models is that more than 99% of the edge of the cardboard cut out by the former will be ruptured with burrs, and the latter has no such problem at all, but the blade is extremely easy to wear and needs to be replaced frequently. The earliest alloy knife is used. Most of the tungsten steel is used, and the price is also much more expensive, about 2-3 times that of the alloy knife.

It is important to point out that the tungsten steel knife is very hard and wear-resistant, but the hard things are brittle and fragile. If the machine is not equipped with a protective cover, the accident becomes a flying knife, and the consequences are serious. Buying such a machine must not be careless.

Another point is that the demand in Guangdong may be different. The general carton factory will be equipped with such a machine, while the area outside Guangdong is rarely equipped, because the width of the carton and the high-line cardboard suppliers will be ready. Good cardboard can go directly into the printing process.

The two most commonly used models in the market are the 2.5-meter models.

Staffing: One production line requires two people, one paper division master, and one general worker.

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