Carton Pressure Line Slotting Abnormality: Irregular Movement Before And After The Slot Position

- Jun 17, 2019-

Here's how to solve it:

 1. Overcome the paper displacement phenomenon:

If it is a single grooving machine, it is necessary to check whether there is movement during the paper feeding process. If it is a printing grooving machine, it is necessary to check not only the problem of the paper feeding part, but also whether it is related to the printing plate during the printing department or The paper wheel produced a collision.


There is also a problem that is relatively rare but may also occur. Some manufacturers in the printing group are equipped with pallets, and it is necessary to check whether the height of the pallet is appropriate.


2. Overcoming the problem of machine phase error,

When the unit is in normal operation, the phase mechanism is fixed. Check whether the gap of the gear is too large, and whether there is any abnormality in the electrical equipment.

3. If the clearance between the knife seat and the cutter shaft is too large, it is estimated that if it is completely solved, it is necessary to replace the tool holder or the tool shaft key.


The shortest way to minimize the cost should be to correct the keyways of all the holders to the same size and then replace the tool shaft keys.

4. Adjust whether the paper-feeding paper is stable. When processing relatively large cardboard, not only the two sides of the cardboard should be bitten, but also the middle of the cardboard needs to have a bite force.


5. Check which part of the slotted movable knife locking mechanism has a problem.

The way to adjust the height of the box is manual and electric, and the double cutter (the front and rear cutters are independently slotted) adjusts the height of the box.

These three methods of fastening the movable knife are different, so they should be treated differently when checking.