Carton Line Line Slotting Is Abnormal: The Groove Width Is Different From The Top And Bottom

- May 29, 2019-

Because it does not affect the molding of the carton, it still has some influence on the appearance.


So what could be the cause?


1. The slotting knife has been used for a long time and the passivation is not sharp.

2. The use of flat-mouth smooth slotting knives, which are currently used in machinery manufacturers, can still be seen on older models.


3. The depth of the upper slotted knife inserted into the lower circular knife is too deep.


The difference in the size of the incision between the facial tissue and the base paper is probably the three reasons mentioned above, so the solution is also very simple:

1. It is the most direct way to replace the new slotting knife. If you don't want to change the money, you can remove the core of the slotting knife and the lower round knife and grind it on the surface grinding machine. It can still be used.

First grind the slotting knife to see how much grinding is, and then grind the core. The core is about 0.03-0.05MM thicker than the slotting cutter.

It should be noted that the upper slotting knife can be ground once or twice. After the grinding, the lower round knife should be turned over to use the damaged side of the knife edge.


2. Replace the slotted knife on the tooth profile.

There are two types of tooth-shaped knives: crescent-shaped and triangular. At present, there will be more crescent-shaped shapes, and the cut-off edge is relatively flat, and the triangular scallops are heavier.


3. Adjust the depth of the slotting knife into the lower round knife. Ideally, the depth is between 1.5 and 2 mm. This depth adjustment is suitable for any thickness of paperboard.