Brief Introduction Of Corrugated Board Production Line

- Sep 25, 2019-


According to the production process of corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard production line consists of two relatively independent process sections: wet end equipment and cadre equipment. The wet end equipment mainly includes base paper carrier, automatic paper feeder, preheater, single side corrugater, paper feeding overpass, glue coating machine and double side machine. The wet end equipment makes corrugated raw paper. Three, five and seven-layer corrugated cardboard with different combination of corrugated types; cadre equipment mainly includes rotary cutting machine, vertical cutting indenter, cross cutting machine, stacker, etc. The cadre equipment carries out vertical cutting indentation, cross cutting and stacking of corrugated cardboard according to the requirements of the order.

Corrugated cardboard production line is the key production equipment of corrugated cardboard production enterprises. Facing more and more fierce market competition and the requirements of large order size, small quantity and fast delivery for corrugated cardboard users, corrugated cardboard production line must be improved through improving the automation degree of corrugated cardboard production line and the production of corrugated cardboard production line. Production management level, to achieve the purpose of improving quality, improving efficiency, saving energy, saving manpower, reducing consumables, reducing waste products, among which cadre equipment is the key to achieve this goal. Corrugated carton enterprises should upgrade the old production line's cadre equipment in an all-round way, and the new production line should be equipped with production management system. Fully automatic cadre equipment.

Working principle

The corrugated line is the abbreviation of the corrugated board production line. It is the assembly line formed by the processes of pressing corrugated, gluing, bonding, separating paper and pressing line, cutting the corrugated board into specifications horizontally, and finally output by code. For example, the production line of single-sided corrugated paper is usually composed of drum paper support, single-sided corrugated board forming machine and rotary paper-cutting machine. Using drum paper material and potato or corn starch binder, the production line is continuously produced and cut into the required specifications of single-sided corrugated board. The produced board does not need to be dried or sun-dried, and at the same time, the glue machine or sticker is used. The machine can produce more than three layers of corrugated cardboard.


Wet End Equipment Configuration

In the whole corrugated board production line, the wet end equipment is the key equipment of corrugated forming. It mainly involves the influence of various factors such as base paper, glue, steam, etc. on the quality of paper forming. Therefore, the problem to be solved is the quality of paper board. The key equipment of wet end, single-sided corrugator, should be equipped with advanced technology and positive pressure cartridge type single-sided machine. The numerical display of adjustable clearance and the control of glue amount are very important.

Allocation of cadres'equipment

In the cadre equipment, the vertical cutting machine is the equipment that affects the work efficiency, and its selection is very important. The knife in the vertical cutter should be movable, and dust-proof treatment should be taken into account when choosing Taiwanese tile line, because in actual use, the dust of grinding knife will fall on the smooth guide rail, which makes it difficult for the knife or press wheel to move when arranging the knife, and often stops the machine. The minimum interval between the press wheels should ensure the actual value of the positioning mode and the arrangement accuracy of the 50 mm cutter line. Some manufacturers claim to be able to reach +? Mm, but there will be 1-2 mm errors in practice. Therefore, the staff often need to test and the efficiency is low. Several ways of the press wheels can meet the requirements of multi-medium voltage line types.

production management system

In addition to monitoring the production site, the production management system should have complete production data collection, statistics, printing and output. For example: production schedule printing, production paper sheet printing, production label printing. Among them, the production label requires the buyer and the supplier to have the same output form as their own manufacturer's, and to have full functions in the purchasing production management system. In many cases, they are not configured, and they have to spend money to buy again when they need it in the future.