Classification Of Carton Packaging

- Oct 31, 2019-

Carton packaging is the last stop for the completion of the product. It is relatively low-end in the manufacturing industry. Correspondingly, because the technical content is not high, the threshold for entry is low, but for some high-end high-tech products, because of the brand The value factor is still very high on the content to be presented and the physical indicators in all aspects. This is a follow-up, and now it is only for entrepreneurs who have just entered the business.

"There is a specialization in the industry." The industry is different and the requirements are different. If you let a person who is a plane rocket to make a carton, he can't do it. It doesn't matter what you do, earning money is the core of business, right? So how do you enter the packaging industry for entrepreneurs or practitioners who have just started to make cardboard boxes?

The first is positioning. When it comes to positioning, it is a bit taller. It is simple to say that it is a carton for agricultural products (vegetables and fruits) or a carton for industrial products. More simply, it is: the things in the fields or the factories. The packaging of things. Is there a difference between the two?

In general, the difference is still quite large. why? What you want to say on the carton is nothing more than two kinds of things: patterns and text. The following are respectively:

There are so many things in the field, so that people can see what is in the carton at a glance, so the pattern will have more emphasis. There are a lot of stuff to be printed on the carton, so the color that the machine can print is more.

Industrial products are generally simpler, the company's LOGO logo and text content, also the product name, size, weight, origin, etc., basically one color up to two colors will be fixed, of course, this is the overall, specific There may be differences in the requirements of the products, and another time to say.

Of course, you can also do the packaging of both products, but the current market segmentation is in the process of maturity, people's service experience is more and more detailed, are willing to find the most professional people to do, you Think?

Today is about the carton packaging of which kind of products to choose. It is also the direction of the main development in the future. It is very important. How important is it? Like his wife, although he is wrong, he can divorce, but it is still very troublesome, right? The most important thing is where your source of customers is. 

I will talk about the choice of factory building tomorrow.

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