Brief Introduction Of Plastic Sealing Machine

- Sep 27, 2019-


Plastic encapsulation is a kind of polyester film coated with hot melt adhesive. Through the processing of glue passing machine, the encapsulated articles are bonded to the plastic film. Because the processing is carried out under certain pressure and high temperature, and high quality polyester film and hot melt adhesive with good perspective are used. Therefore, under normal temperature, not only can the plastic-encapsulated articles be guaranteed not to be destroyed, but also increase the visual effect of the articles. In this process, the technical performance of the glue passing machine is an important factor to ensure the quality of plastic sealing.


Plastic encapsulation machine has been called rubber machine, which is just different from place to place. The use and popularization of glue passing machine began with the national identity card system in the public security certification system.Using plastic sealing technology to deal with identity cards plays a key role in the implementation of the national identity card system, and also lays a broad social foundation for the promotion and application of this technology. With the development of plastic encapsulation technology, especially the improvement of the technical performance of plastic encapsulation machine, it provides conditions for the application of pictures and other certification industries. In recent years, due to the standardized management of the certification industry, some large-scale certificates with standardization and legality, such as business license, tax registration certificate, special business license and health license, have also adopted plastic encapsulation as the most effective method to achieve the purpose of anti-alteration, anti-counterfeiting and long-term preservation. Industry, as the cost of plastic encapsulation continues to decline and the good visual effect achieved through plastic encapsulation, has also created good conditions for the development of the civilian product market. Looking at the coastal cities in the south, plastic encapsulation of color photographs is very popular, which solves the problem that the photographs should not be preserved in the humid climate in the south. At present, the application of plastic encapsulation technology has been extended to advertising, specimen making, gift making, certificate making and other industries.

Common classification

At present, the glue passing machine in our market can be divided into two types according to the regulation mode: temperature regulating type and speed regulating type.

1. Temperature-adjusting glue-passing machine: This kind of plastic-sealing machine is characterized by fixed pressure and speed. The temperature can be adjusted. The pressure between cots and the running speed of cots are fixed when they leave the factory. The temperature of plastic sealing can be adjusted by users themselves. The sealing fastness of the certificate is controlled by the plastic sealing temperature. Because the structure of the plastic sealing machine varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, the temperature displayed on the plastic sealing machine is not necessarily equal to the plastic sealing temperature. Generally, the plastic sealing machine heated by front cots is used, and its display temperature is close to that of plastic sealing. The operation of this type of machine should be carried out step by step according to the procedure required by the process. When the pressure and speed are constant, the plastic seal will not be firm when the temperature is high or low, and the plastic will be deformed and overflowed when the temperature is too high. The pressure between the cots is too high and the glue overflow is easy to occur. If the temperature can not meet the requirements of plastic sealing, the pressure of the machine can be adjusted to a certain extent. The cover can be unloaded according to the product description, and the appropriate fine-tuning can be carried out to meet the best plastic sealing conditions.

2. Speed-regulating glue-passing machine: This kind of plastic-sealing machine is characterized by fixed pressure and temperature and adjustable speed. The pressure between cots and the temperature of plastic sealing have been set at the time of leaving the factory. The speed of plastic sealing can be adjusted by the users themselves. There are also two speed-regulating plastic sealing machines with adjustable temperature. The sealing fastness of the certificate is controlled by the plastic sealing speed. In fact, adjusting speed means changing the temperature of plastic packaging. Fast speed, short heating time, low plastic sealing temperature, on the contrary, slow speed, long heating time, high plastic sealing temperature. The operation of this type of machine should also be carried out in accordance with the procedures required by the process. If the speed is too fast, it will cause the certificate to be insufficiently heated during the sealing process, which will cause the opening speed to be too slow, while the excessive heat supply will cause the distortion and glue overflow of the sealed certificate. The pressure of the speed regulating plastic sealing machine can also be adjusted to a certain extent. If necessary, it can be adjusted by referring to the instructions.

Plastic sealing method

There are two kinds of thermoplastic and cold plastic.

Thermoplastics is the use of multi-stage temperature control, rolling heating mode to produce high temperature plastic film and data page for stereotyping treatment.

Cold plastic is the use of viscous or magnetic plastic envelope without heating the plastic envelope and data pages for stereotyping treatment.