Brief Introduction Of Automatic Paper Stacker

- Sep 30, 2019-


Working principle

The part gap of the traction roll at the end of the tool conveyor can ensure the straight edge of the cardboard. The vacuum cardboard edge adjusting conveyor and separation system can ensure the accurate separation of the cardboard. The cardboard is transported to the stacker. The mechanical equipment to complete this process is called stacker. Fully automatic stacker is mainly used in the process of cardboard cutting and stacking in cardboard production line, which is conducive to the neat and fast transfer of finished cardboard.

Product performance

1. Mechanical electric lifting is stacked vertically and output horizontally automatically.

2. It can be divided into two types: single-station and double-station vertical stacking, with the maximum length of cardboard 3 meters or 4 meters.

3. Vertical stacking of single station: the stacking height of upper layer is 1500mm, and the stacking height of lower layer is 200mm-300mm.

4. Dual-station vertical stacking: upper stacking height 1500mm, lower stacking height 1000mm. The position of baffle is adjusted by electric motor, which can adapt to different length and specifications of cardboard.