Use of the pressure layer machine

- Dec 11, 2018-

1. Reasonable selection of laminating machine in the selection of laminating machine, the first factor to be considered is the area of laminating machine. To choose a compatible area, while considering the open cover mode, appearance and so on. Use as many machines as possible.

After the selection, under the guidance of the manufacturer for installation and commissioning, into the normal production and use.

2. The laminating machine enters the working state after the self-test is completed, the laminating machine can enter the working state. 3. Operating Procedures: Press the vacuum pump Open button------Check the process parameters------Check whether the temperature reaches the set value------Check the working status is automatic or manual, To set the automatic state------Check whether the vacuum pump is short of oil------put into the laminated assembly------cover------Check the vacuum------Remove the component------Inspection Unit.

The laminating machine enters normal working condition while ensuring that all processes are normal. 4. Laminating machine shutdown: laminating machine downtime requires the shutdown of all power supplies. To ensure that it is not mistakenly operated by non-operators, the emergency button can be included in the shutdown range.

The operating procedures are as follows: Vacuum pump off------cover (cover do not tighten)------heating off the------power off------Press the emergency button------off the main gate or: Press the emergency button------off the main gate. 5. The use of laminating machine after a period of time: Laminating machine parking for a period of time, to start according to the normal procedure, do not put in the battery board, the first empty machine operation two cycles, the machine adsorption of water vapor to remove clean before normal use.