Process and principle of pressure layer machine

- Dec 11, 2018-

The matching porcelain paste slurry is injected into the steel belt of the fluidized machine according to the process requirements, and becomes the capacitor dielectric material (porcelain film) after drying and stripping, and then using the precision laminated screen printing technology, the inner electrode is repeatedly laminated on the porcelain film, and each layer is grandstand pressurized and then printed, becoming the component bar.

In order to make the BA block structure dense, the BA block in the plastic film bag, vacuum after sealing, placed in the container in the hot water, the container seal pressurized to more than 30MPA, the component in the water after uniform compression of its own loose structure become uniform and dense, to ensure the consistency of the electrical performance of the components, effectively improve the quality of the product. No matter what kind of job the laminating machine is used in, it works the same way. That is to apply a certain amount of pressure on the surface of a multilayer substance, tightly pressing these substances together. The difference is that the conditions of compaction vary depending on the purpose of the lamination.