Operation and commissioning of conveyors

- Dec 11, 2018-

First, the fixed conveyor should be installed in accordance with the prescribed installation method on a fixed basis. The wheel should be wedged with triangular wood or braked with brakes before the mobile conveyor is officially operational.

In order to avoid the work of moving around, there are multiple conveyors parallel operation, between the machine and the machine, between the machine and the wall should be one meter of passage. Second, the conveyor before use must check the operation of the parts, tape buckle and bearing device is normal, protection equipment is complete.

The tension of the tape must be adjusted to the appropriate level before starting. Third, belt conveyor should be launched on empty load. When the operation is normal, the material can be credited.

It is forbidden to drive first after feeding. Four, there are several conveyors in series operation, from the discharge end, the order of start.

After all normal operation, the material can be credited.

Five, the operation of tape running deflection phenomenon, should stop adjustment, must not be reluctantly used, so as not to wear the edge and increase the load. Six, the working environment and the temperature of the material to be sent must not be higher than 50 ℃ and less than 10 ℃.

Do not transport materials with acid-alkaline oils and organic solvents.

Vii. pedestrians or attendants are prohibited on the conveyor belt.

Eight, before parking must stop the feed, such as the belt on the storage of discharge can stop. Nine, conveyor motor must be well insulated. Mobile Conveyor cables do not pull and drag.

The motor should be reliably grounded. Ten, when the belt skid is strictly forbidden to use the hand to pull the belt, in order to avoid accidents.