Maintenance of nail Box machine

- Dec 11, 2018-

In attention to the correct use of nail box machine at the same time, we should pay attention to do a good job in the proper maintenance and maintenance of the machine, which is to improve production efficiency and nail box quality of the key link, must not be ignored. Therefore, it is required to order the head and punch the head on the machine once a day, the fixed shaft, left and right bezel fixed shaft, also the application of oil lubrication and cleaning at any time, the upper and lower nail head drive shaft, bolt shaft, transmission screw should also maintain good lubrication; Usually should pay attention to regular cleaning and cleaning, after every one months to disassemble the reservation for cleaning and refueling; paper conveyor belt bolt groove shaft left and right bezel 3 gears, it is advisable to one months to add butter once; clutch, brake to prevent oil, water into infiltration; servo motor should be kept clean to avoid dust accumulation; Always clean the thermal filter of the servo motor driver; The electrical control box must be kept clean to prevent dust from gathering and cause short-circuit failure; internal and external wire axle should pay attention to lubrication with butter, so that it maintains reliable flexibility; the gears and chains of the power transmission require one months of butter lubrication once to prevent wear of mechanical parts.