How to build your machine

- Dec 09, 2019-

Before entering the topic, ask yourself a few questions:

1. How is the production schedule set each day?

2. How did the printing press chief prepare the order before producing this batch? How long did it take?

3. How long does it take from the raw material to the finished product storage? How much was lost?

4. Is the data presented in the production day report for each day true? Can it really be used as the basis for accounting for production costs?

5. When the customer is questioning the production status of your order, can you know exactly which section the product is in? If you are not in the factory, how long will it take for you to know and respond to the customer?

There are only one core of these five issues: production cost!

Behind production costs is profit!

Then ask yourself a question: Do you know exactly how much money you make with each batch of cartons produced? (If you do n’t make money, how much did you lose? In what part of the loss?)

As a boss, can you answer it?

Maybe you will answer: you have a complete management system, a very competent supervisor, his leadership ability is very strong, the staff of the workshop can obey management, execution ability, teamwork is perfect, so you can control production costs At the lowest, the profit is good.

So congratulations, you can sit back and relax today, so what about tomorrow? These are all performed by people. Do people have emotions and fluctuations? When is it down? Poached by your competitors' high salaries?

The very cruel reality is that people will not be loyal to another person, and people will only be loyal to their own interests. This is human nature.

Nothing will not happen. If this kind of thing happens one day, when your production is changed to a new one, will it be as smooth and orderly as before?

As the boss, you have to charge outside the order every day in order to accompany the customer to find the order. If there is a fire in your back, do you want to continue to rush, or come back to extinguish the fire? So you are tired!

There is also a question, when you are old, you can't do it, and you don't want to do it. How long will it take for your successor to succeed? Can you really stop worrying?

Have you observed a phenomenon? Western fast food all over the country, McDonald's, why does KFC eat it all? why?

Because they have strict data controls on their products, there are standard data on how much oil temperature, how long they fry, etc., so they can be the same everywhere.

Careful you must have guessed, what I said is-data!

Data is the most loyal, it does not lie, one is one, the other is two. Now every industry and industry is talking about Industry 4.0, but do you know what Industry 4.0 means?

It's information! Behind the information is a huge database. Having mastered these data, no matter how your personnel structure changes, there is data, and according to the data, nothing will be messed up.

You don't need to come back to extinguish the fire, the rear is stable, you can still find better customers, larger orders, and better profits. Even if you are on vacation, you can continue to relax your mood, everything is under your control.

It's all because the money-making machine you built is still running step by step!

Did I mention your pain point? Would you want it if it could be solved?