How corrugated cardboard production line improves production efficiency

- Nov 30, 2019-

Improve production efficiency: Mainly by increasing the width and speed of the corrugated cardboard production line or corrugated cardboard printing machinery, and increasing the amount of work per unit of time, thereby improving the production efficiency of corrugated box equipment In recent years, with the increasing demand of domestic corrugated boxes and the continuous growth of carton manufacturers, large-scale production has become the development trend of China's carton manufacturing industry. Carton manufacturers need to carry out large-scale production, which puts forward higher requirements on the production efficiency of corrugated carton machinery.

Intelligent management: It mainly refers to the realization of the visual and scientific management of production processes such as batching, placing orders, changing orders, and inventory management through a computer program control system to improve production efficiency and reduce raw material waste. According to statistics from industry professionals, 7% less raw materials are not wasted than scientific ingredients.

Improving the quality of operations: By improving the bonding strength of corrugated cardboard production lines and low-gram-weight processing capabilities, the overall quality of corrugated cardboard is improved. For corrugated box printing and slotting machines, the quality of carton printing is improved by improving the color registration accuracy and the number of anilox roller lines. . In addition, domestic corrugated boxes are generally soft in texture and insufficient in breaking strength. As the international carton giants speed up the process of entering China, this disadvantage will become increasingly apparent. Improving the quality of equipment operation mainly refers to improving the operational stability, automation level and ease of operation of corrugated box machinery. By improving the design structure, the operating stability of corrugated box equipment is improved; through the continuous introduction of electrical components and computer program control systems, the automation level and control performance of corrugated box equipment are improved. So as to ensure the equipment's high-speed and stable operation for a long time.