Heating system of the pressure layer machine

- Dec 11, 2018-

The heating system consists of a measuring element, a controller and a heater. Its function is to heat the water in the container and control the constant temperature, heat through the water conduction to the pressurized capacitor bar so that it is evenly heated.

The bath is softened by heat, which is beneficial to compression and can avoid cracks caused by pressure. The heating element is a stainless steel electric plate wrapped in the outer surface of a closed container, which heats up after electrification and transmits heat to the water in the container to heat it up. In practice, in order to ensure that the water temperature can meet the process requirements, usually in front of the feeding heating, and with a temperature detection instrument to directly measure the water temperature. In the work of the container is in a high pressure closed state, the height of the water temperature can only be measured and controlled by intelligent digital temperature controller. The temperature measuring element can not directly measure the liquid temperature in the container, can only take indirect measurement method, so it is required to reduce the measurement error and control lag in the selection and installation of the components.