Corrugation Machine

Corrugation Machine

WJ100—1800 5-layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Parts List and Technology Parameter Main Technical Parameter of Production Line Item:WJ150-1800 5-layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line 1.Design speed:150m/min 2.Economic speed:100-120m/min 3.Working width:1800mm Note: The roll paper...

Product Details

WJ100—1800 5-layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Parts List and Technology Parameter

Main Technical Parameter of Production Line

Item:WJ150-1800 5-layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

1.Design speed:150m/min

2.Economic speed:100-120m/min

3.Working width:1800mm

Note: The roll paper which is used to test the production speed should meet following requirements:

*Grade: Min. B * Moisture content:11% ± 1%

*Face paper:150~200g/m2 *  Liner paper:150~200g/m2

*Corrugated paper: 105~180g/m2

5.Flute profiles: A, B, or according to client`s requirements

6.Steam requirements: 

Steam quantity: 2500-3200Kg/Hr  Max. pressure: 1.6Mpa

Normal pressure: 0.98-1.12MPa

7.Electricity: 380V  50Hz three-phase, or four phase 

8.Equipment Direction:Left or Right transmission will be according to client`s requirements. 

Note: Customer`s self –provided parts 

1.Steam heating system: one set of boiler of 4000Kg/Hr, pressure 1.4-1.6MPa

Steam pipelines above valves and steam back, water drainage pipelines

2.Compressed air pipelines, glue pipelines   

3.Power, electrical wire to operation box 

4.Water pipelines, water barrel

5.Water, electricity, steam ground foundation 

6.Raw material ( paper roll, corn starch, caustic soda, sodium borax) to test machinery 

7.Engine oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating and high-resisting lubricating

8.Installation and commissioning persons accommodation, and person arrangement.

WJ150-1800 5Layer Corrugated Line Price List

Design speed:150m/min

Normal work speed:120m/min


Machine name


Unit price RMB

Total price



Mill roll stand




Hydraulic control ,pneumatic brake


Railing and tracks






Single facer




Corrugating roller ¢320mm, electric adjust gluing width, pneumatic control pasting roller move






¢800mm, electric adjust wrapping angle






¢800mm electric adjust wrapping angle


Bridge conveyer




Adsorption type, electric deviation-correcting


Triplex pre-heater




¢800mm electric adjust wrapping angle


Gluing machine




Pneumatic adjust pressing roller


Double facer




Heating plants: 520mm×18, with cooling section


Slitter scorer




5 blades with 8 scorers


NC cutoff




Helical knives


Main drive






Cardboard feeding machine






Glue making system




Automatic circle glue, pipeline provided by buyer


Electric system






Steam system




Pipeline on valves provided by buyer


Pneumatic system




Including one set of 1.5m³steam tank

 Total amount:


The quotation list is not including fees of transportation, insurance, loading, and machine moving. 

The quotation list is including installation and commissioning fee ( guide to install and test machinery) 

RS-1500H Hydraulic mill roll stand 


Technical specification:

1.Control type: whole hydraulic type

2.Working width: Max1800mm, Min800mm

3.Diameter of paper reel: max ¢1500mm, Min ¢350mm

4.Single side max loading: 3000kg

5.Mill roll stand main shaft diameter: ¢215mm

6.Pneumatic work pressure: 0.6~0.9MPa

7.Total power: 4.0kw

8.Working power: 380V, 50Hz    

9.Whole machine dimension: 3600×1550×1680(L×W×H)(when shift swing)

Hydraulic part:

1.Working pressure: 12~16 MPa

2.Hydraulic working area(swing): ¢100mm×460mm

3.Hydraulic diameter(clamp): ¢63mm×720mm

4.Hydraulic station power: 4.0kw, continue work

5.Hydraulic station : 220V, 50Hz

Structure characteristic:

1.Symmetrical structure ,may clamp two scroll at the same time, may load or unload scroll without stop the production.

2.Hydraulic control. Lifting and lowering, open-close and right-right adjustments of arms are operated by hydraulic system

3.Pneumatic control of the web tension

4.Taper center is designed 

Main bought-in parts, raw materials and origin:

1. Main shaft of mill roll stand: Qualified thick seamless steel pipes, origin: Chengdu

2. Wall plate two sides : steel 20# ,origin: Hebei

3. Clamp arms: HT200 casting, origin: Hebei

4. Main beam connecting channel steel: 280mm  origin: Angang                     

5. Bearing: from Ha, Wa, Luo

6. Electric system: Chint China.

7. Pneumatic parts: Airtac and Zaozhuang, Origin: Taiwan and Shandong

8. Hydraulic parts: Beiye group(Huade) Origin: Taiwan and Shandong

Railing for Reels 


1.Each set of mill roll stand consists of two sets of railing for reels. 

2.Assembled by welded

3.Railing length: 6meters. 

4.Dimensions: 6000mm×550mm×400mm(length x width x height)

5.Rail way is on the ground, main structure is welded with 16 channel steel, firm and durable

6.Moving paper roll, light and flexible

SH-800D Pre-heater 


Pre-heater drum diameter: 800 mm, Pre-heating scope: 60-220 degree

manufacture width: 1800mm  

Working pressure: 0.8~1.3Mpa

Working power: 380V50Hz    

Whole machine power: 0.55kw

Dimension: 2800mm*1200mm*800mm(L*W*H)

* Each roller surface is well whetted and chrome plated, sooth and durable.

* Electromotion adjust the dimension of pre-heater, the range of adjustment: 60-220 °

*The pre-heating roller is made according to national container safty standard

*Pre-heating roller and guiding paper roller are electically galvanized

* Electromotion adjust the dimension of pre-heater, suitable with defferent grades of paper and machinery speed 

Raw materials and bought-in parts 

a. Wall plate two sides:HT200 casting Origin :Hebei 

b. Transmitting paper roller:  steel 20# Origin: Bao Steel Group in China

c. Pre-heating roller: 20G steel,wall thickness 20mm Origin: Jinan Steel Group in China

d. Main bearing from Ha, Wa, Luo, the shaft with seat is from Jinrun,Zhejiang

e. Steam rotary connecting jionts, metal soft tube: Wanxiang group Shandong(largest manufacturer in China)

f. Water valves: made in Japan

g. Adjustment engine: speed reduing ratio:1:100  made in China short time

h. Electric appliance: Chint, China

SF-320D Single facer


Technical specification:

Working width: max 1800mm, min: 700mm

Designed speed: 150m/min, normal work speed: 100-120m/min

Working pressure: 0.6-0.9Mpa         

 Steam work pressure: 0.9-1.3Mpa

Steam consumption: 0.5-0.8t/h         

Temperature requirements:160-200℃

Machine power: 41.55kw 

Working power: 380V, 50Hz

Dimension: 3200mm*1800mm*2100mm

Structure characteristic:

1.Cardboard transmitting method adopts wind absorption, and keep flute profiles stable under the running condition of high speed. 

2. The wind machine absorbs corrugated paper to corrugated rollers through vacuum box and form corrugated profile.

3. The width of wind groove of lower roller is not exceeding 2mm,and will less fringe marks of single corrugated paperboard. 

4.Transmission part adopt gimbal transmission, away from vibration source, and make the transmission more steady and reliable, and easy to maintain. 

5. The speed reducing box is oil-lubricating, close gear transmission, and will reduce machine vibration. 

6. Glue unit adopts auto-supply glue circularly, pneumatically reset and has buffering effect.

7. Glue area will be electrically adjusted, glue unit can be running independently when machine steppes, and prevent glue running out.

8. Upper corrugated roller surface are treated by special mesh snicked and chrome plated.

9.Glue unit indepent drive, pump-draw style, easy maintain and clean. (See drawing 1)


10.Corrugated forming unit is designed with small independent wall plate. The roller is easy to disassembly, maintain, and quickly change flute profiles. ( See drawing 2) 

11.Upper-lower corrugated roller are made of high quality 48CrMo alloy steel, and after heat-treatment, the rigidity is HRC 55-62, the surface are grinded and plated chrome. 

12.Flute profiles: A flute heigh:4.7mm   B  flute heigh : 2.65mm    E  flute heigh1.5mm

(the flute profiles can be made according to client’s requirements)

Main part technical:

1.Upper-lower corrugated roller are made of high quality 48CrMo alloy steel, and after heat-treatment, the rigidity is HRC 56-60, the surface are grinded and plated chrome.                 

2.Upper corrugated roller: ¢318mm  lower corrugated roller: ¢320mm Origin: Beijing

3.Pressure roller: ¢340mm, #45seamless steel pipe with quenching treatment

4.Applicator glue roller: ¢240mm 45# seamless steel pipe, from Chengdu

surface are treated by special mesh netting and chrome plated

5.Doctor glue roller: ¢120mm, 20# seamless steel pipe, from Chengdu

6.Pre-heating roller : ¢400mm 20G steel from Jinan Steel Wall thickness:20mm

Main bought-in parts, raw materials and origin:

1.Wall plate two sides and seat materials: HT200 Origin : Hebei 

2.The seat materials of transmitting unit: welded with channel steel 

3.Rotary joints, metal soft tube: Johnson Luguanqiu Shandong 

4. Bearings:(mainly)NSK Japan;

Common bearing:  Wa, Ha, Luo, bearing with seat: Deyuan, Fujian (Chinese best product)

5. Motor: Main motor:  22KW  1set  continuous working

Wind absorption machine:  18.5KW 1 set continuous working

6.. Glue unit self-running motor: 0.75kw  1 set  Chengbang, made in Taiwan Short time work 

7. Glue width-adjusting motor: 0.1kw 2sets   Chengbang, made in Taiwan Short time work 

q. Electrical  appliances: Chint, China 

r. Pneumatic parts: Airtac, Taiwan 

BS-T Double Bridge Conveyer


Technical specification:

Working width: 1800mm

Designed speed: 150m/min   

Working speed:100-120m/min

Dimension : 28000mm×3500mm×4130mm

Guiding paper roll diameter:  front upper ¢135mm  back upper ¢135mm

Low-speed transportation roll diameter:driving roll ¢135mm  tail roll ¢135mm tension roll ¢85mm       hanging roll: ¢100mm  

absorptive paper guide roll: ¢100mm

Work power : 380V, 50Hz

Total machine power : 16.2kw

Structure characteristic:

1.Exactly transmitting single facer corrugated cardboard to strain-tighten set or wind absorption set through transmitting belt, for next process use.

2.Adopting wind absorption strain-tighten set, 3 KW high-voltage centrifugal fan vacuum adsorption strain set, electrical correct deflection, to make sure cardboard stick tightly and level off.

3. Electric control install two groups of operation plate, upper and lower bridge can be adjusted arbitrarily.

4. On paper-receiving unit, adopt independent conversion driver, transmit the single corrugated cardboard across the bridge and keep enough cardboard quantity on bridge to meet the changing production speed, pre-heated by multi pre-heater, and stick  through gluing machine and double facer. 

5. Equipped upward paper carrier, and two groups of transmitting belt conveyers, the transmitting speed is slowly, so as to form wave-like stacking, and to store corrugated cardboard.

Main bought-in parts, raw materials and origin:

1. Channel steel of main bridge: 20# steel    Origin: Angang Steel group 

2. Paper-receiving unit transmitting belt: Nylon industry belt

3. Paper storage unit transmitting belt: Parallel transmitting belt

4.Guiding paper engine (conversion control): 4.0kw 2 sets continuous work  Origin Wuxi, China

5.Absorptitive tension motor: 3kw 2 sets continuous work       

Origin :Wuxi, China

6. Paper width adjustment engine: 0.55 kw 4 sets short time work     

Origin: Hengshui, China

7 .Bearings:(mainly)NSK Japan;

Common bearing:  Wa, Ha, Luo, bearing with seat: Deyuan, Fujian (Chinese best product)

8 Electric appliances: Chint, China

MH-800Triplex Pre-heater


Technical specification:

Working width:1800mm

Pre-heater roll diameter: ¢800mm 

Electrical wrapped angle scope: 60-220 degree

Steam temperature : 150~200℃   

steam consumption : 0.35~0.45t/h

Steam pressure : 0.8~1.3MPa   

Whole machine power: 1.65kw

Working power :380V ,50Hz

Dimension : 2600mm×1200mm×2500mm(L×W×H)

Structure characteristic:

1. Each roller surface is well whetted and chrome plated, sooth and durable.

2. Electrical adjust the dimension of pre-heater, the range of adjustment: 60-220 °

3. The pre-heating roller is made according to national container safety standard

4. Pre-heating roller and guiding paper roller are electrically galvanized

Main bought-in parts, raw materials and origin:

Wall plate two sides:HT200 casting               

Origin :Hebei 

Transmitting paper roller:  steel 20#                

Origin: Bao Steel 

Pre-heating roller: 20G steel,wall thickness 20mm      

Origin: Jinan Steel 

Main bearing from Ha, Wa, Luo, the bearing with seat is from Jinrun ,Zhejiang

Metal soft tube: Luguanqiu group Shandong  (largest manufacturer in China)

Water valves: Bejing

Adjustment engine: speed reducing ratio:1:100  made in Zhenjiang   short time

Electric appliance: Chint, China

GL-240D Gluing Machine


Main specification:

Working width: 1800mm

Machine max speed: 150m/min, normal work speed: 100-120mm/min

Steam temperature pressure: 150~200℃ Steam working pressure:1.12~1.3MPa

Steam consumption:0.1~0.15Mpa, Compress air: 0.6~0.9MPa

Total machine power: 6.0kw

Power: 380V, 50Hz   

Whole machine dimension(L×W×H):2900mm×1200mm×1700mm

Pressing paper type: Pressing roller type

Heating roller diameter: 325mm, thickness: 20mm, surface experienced grinding and chrome plating treatment.        

Leading paper roller diameter: 120mm, thickness: 15mm. surface experienced grinding and chrome plating treatment.        

Pasting roller diameter: 240mm, thickness: 30mm, surface experienced grinding and chrome plating treatment.        

Doctor roller diameter: 100mm, thickness: 15mm, surface experienced grinding and chrome plating treatment.

*Independent engine transmitting, conversion control

* Applicator roller surface are treated by mesh snicked and chrome plated.

Doctor roller and presser roller are well whetted and plated chrome.

* Pressure paper unit of pressure roller is pneumatic, flexible and convenient to operate

* Auto-circulating supply glue, so as to prevent the glue deposited.

* Adopting pre-heating set, so as to avoid glue burnted. 

* All raw materials of pre-heating roller, applicator roller, dividing glue roller is from Chengdu seamless steel pipe factory. 

Raw materails and bought-in parts

a. Wall plate two sides: HT200casting Origin: Hebei

b. Bearings: main bearing made in Japan, NSK, others from Ha, Wa, Luo(Chinese famous brand)

c. Electrical appliances: Chint, China. 

d. Buttons and indicating lights from Sanli, Hangzhou                     

e. Pneumatic parts: Airtac Origin Taiwan

DF-747 Double facer baker


Technical specification:

1.working  width: 1800mm

2.Max speed: 150m/min, normal work speed: 100-120m/min

3.Temperature requirements: 160~200℃, Steam pressure: 0.8~1.3MPa

4.Steam consumption:1.2~1.8t/h, pneumatic pressure: 0.6~0.9MPa

5.Heating plants section length: 9360mm(520mm×18), cooling section length: 6000mm

6.Total power:60.5kw

7.Electric power: 380V, 50Hz     

8.Dimension: 15360mm×2100mm×1950mm(L×W×H)

Heating section:

1.Heating plants dimension:2200mm×520mm×135mm. (L×W×H)

2.Heating plants raw materials: 20G steel made in Jinan steel group, China

3.Machining techniques: surface carefully grinding 

4.Joint method: Single plate cross type

5.Temperature control type: many groups section control 

6.Pressing type: adopts dense pressing roller type

7.Pressing roller diameter: ¢60mm, 45#solid steel, made in Beijing Steel group

8.Holding paper diameter: ¢60mm, 45#solid steel, made in Beijing Steel group

Driving part, Transportation part: 

1.Main drive roller: upper diameter ¢747mm, lower diameter ¢747mm

2.Big front belt idle roller diameter: ¢320mm, raw materials:20#steel, made in Chengdu, China

3.Big-small belt correct error roller diameter: ¢145mm, raw materials:20#steel, made in Chengdu, China

4.Front-back belt roller diameter: ¢120mm, raw materials:20#steel, made in Chengdu, China

5.Manual tension roller diameter: ¢120mm, raw materials:20#steel, made in Chengdu, China

6.Hydraulic tension roller diameter: ¢145mm, raw materials:20#steel, made in Chengdu, China 

7. Driving part main motor: adjustable speed motor 55kw

Structure characteristic:

1. Whole body is high strength channel steel, stable, beautiful, suitable for high speed machinery running. 

2. Heating plate is made according to national container safety standard, of 520mm steel. Inside, S type construction will raise the steam usage efficiency. More welded rods will keep heating plate unchanged in shape. 

3. Heating section is tense pressure roller structure, cardboard sticks firmly and levels off. 

4. Steam pipes enter mouth, drainage mouth is S type, heating plate temperature is balanced and evenly. 

5. Heating plates temperature is different in different section, suitable to different machinery speed. 

6. Heating section pressure roller is hydraulic lifting whole body, stable, safety and reliable. 

7. The upper canvas strap is equipped electrical or manual deflection adjusting set, one pneumatic strain set, one manual strain set. The lower canvas is equipped strain and left-right adjustment set. 

8. Drive unit adopts wearable, mesh rubber of big diameter, less belt skip, and raise stability when machinery running

9. Independent speed reducing box, less noise, roller diameter¢745mm adopts seal oil lubricating gears.

Main bought-in parts, raw materials and origin:

Heating section main beam:280# channel steel Origin: Angang Steel group 

Cooling section main beam:250# channel steel Origin: Angang Steel group

Hydraulic station:Beiye Group( Huade) Origin: Beijing, Zaozhuang Shangdong                      

Cotton belt:  Origin: Fuli Shengyang

Driving unit wall plates two sides: 20#steel     Origin: Hebei

Rotary joints, metal steam soft pipe: Luguanqiu, Shandong

Bearings: Ha, Wa, Luo, the bearing with seat is fromJinrun, Zhejiang

Electric appliances: Chint, China

SS-150P Thin blade Slitter Scorer


Technical specification:

1.Design speed:150m/min

2.Max. slitting width:1800mm  Min. slitting width:100-120mm      

3.5 blades 8 scores: the whole machine can move left-right ±90mm

4.Whole machine dimension:3450×1250×2380

5.Total power:7.55kw

6.Electricity:380V   50Hz     

7.Working pressure:0.6~0.9 Mpa

8.Comparative moisture:20%~90%*Temperature required:5~50℃

Structure characteristic:

9.Conversion adjustment speed can automatically follow production speed, and keep in-phase

10.In the process of production, auto- grinding edge system can be still working while machine stops, and can set the interval meter and the grinding time at any time according to the material and condition of hem. 

11.1mm high quality blade slits cardboard in high speed, slitting line is smooth, beautiful, unchanged shape, and good for printing.

Main bought-in parts, raw materials and origin:

12.Mail wall plate two sides: Q235A

13.Slitting motor(frequency control): 4kw 1 set continuous work 

14.Scorer motor:3kw 1 set  continuous work 

15.Horizontal movement motor:  0.55kw  1 set  continuous work 

16.Blade: Diameter 200mm  Materials: rigid alloy steel      

17.Bears are from Wa, Ha, Luo cities

18.Electric appliances:  Chint, China

19.Pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic parts: Tianyuan,  Airtac, Origin: Shandong, Taiwan

NC-150N NC Cutting machine


1.Technical parameter width: 1800mm

3.Max machine speed: 150m/min

4.Cutting length: 500mm-9999mm 

5.Cardboard:  original paper: <360g/ liner paper<200g/thickness3-14mm 

moisture content: <10%

min. width: warping1000mm <30mm

6.Comparative moisture:20%~90% *Temperature required:5~50℃

7.Working pressure:0.6~0.9 Mpa

8.Cutting cardboard blade shaft diameter:upper¢ 188 mm low¢ 188 mm

9.Guiding cardboard shaft diameter: front upper ¢165mm(sun wheel)  front lower¢135mm  Back upper ¢135mm   back lower ¢135mm 

10Electricity :voltage 380V  frequency 50Hz   current 80A

11.Total power:32.94kw 

12.Whole machine dimension:3400×1200×2100

13.Weight : 7.5 T

*Special structure design, high tensile strength wall plate and seat, there are watching window on wall plate two sides, convenient and easy to maintain. 

*Transmitting system adopts oil pump auto-cycling lubricating, make sure transmitting precision. 

*Adopting high precision, high rigidity whetted gears, bearing high running and durable, make sure blade-edge joggle exactly, cardboard is level off and clean

*high precision shaft, blade carrier design, cutting stably when machine high speed running

*Special changing blade structure, quickly and easily changing blade 

*The system is made according to C.E. standard, and has been strictly tested by industry computer. The quality, life, and stability can be guaranteed. 

*Driving unit adopts A.C.Servo drive, quickly and exactly acts. 

*Special electricity structure design, more saving electricity, can avoid the problems of not stable electricity. 

*Adopts special power bring and storage type deisgn, save electric and could overcome electric voltage not steady environment. 

*System has self test function, can prevent machine loss because of abnormal usage and false operation 

*Computer automatically adjusts cutting speed according to cardboard specifications and production speed, automatically follow cardboard running speed, assure in –phase. 

*Computer reserves 999 groups of order, and auto-complete based on the program and preferential condition, the screen display various production message. 

*Cutting length: 500~9999mm,cutting precision :±1mm。

*Rotary blade is made in Tainwan 

*Shaft bearings are from NSK, Japan, suitable for machine high speed running, durable. 

Raw materials and bought-in parts 

Wall plates two sides and seat: HT200 casting Origin: Hebei, China

Upper lower shaft: 45# steel

Balde:W18crv5Co5(high speed tool steel)

Gear:40Cr whetted, quenched and tempered 

Main drive engine(a.c. servo)power: 37kw 1set Origin: China

Transmitting cardboard engine power: 2.2kw 1set  Origin: Hengshui

Oil pump engine power: 0.37kw 2set Origin: Zhejiang

Computer control system, Computer system made in Taiwan.

Bearing:  (common) Wa, Ha, Luo (bearing with seat)Deyuan, Fujian

Electric appliances: Chint, China               

Pneumatic parts: Airtac Taiwan, Tianyuan Shandong

CF-120T Cardboard feeding  machine


Technical specification:

1.Max length for carton sheets: 2300mm 

2.Max speed: 150m/min work speed:100-120m/min

3.Working pressure: 0.6~0.9Mpa

4.working  power: 380V, 50Hz

5.Machine power: 5.2kw

6.Dimension :6500mm*2200mm*1500mm(L*W*H))

7.Machine weight: 4.5Ton

Structure characteristic:

8.Automatic collect and stack the carton sheets.

9.Electric control horizontal output.

10.Adopts wider belt for transport the carton sheets.

11.Stack carton sheets to the top, button control to push the carton sheets.

Raw materials and bought-in parts 

12.Transport belt motor:  3.7kw, 1set, continue work, made in Deyi group, China

13.Horizontal output motor: 1.5kw, 1set, interruption work, made in Deyi group, China

14.Transport belt: Industry belt, made in Tianjin Weite group, China

15.Main frame channel steel: 160# channel steel 

16.Electric appliances: Chint, China               

17.Bearing: From Ha, Wa ,Luo . the bearing with seat  made in Jinrun,Zhejiang

GF-T Glue Making System


Horizonal mix pot: 1000L, 1set

Carrier pot: 350L, 1set

Glue storage room: 1000L, 1set

Single facer storage pot: 350L, 2sets

Single facer back glue pot: 350L, 2sets

Secondary gluing machine storage pot: 350L, 1set

Secondary gluing machine back glue pot: 350L, 1set

Electric power: 380V, 50Hz, 25A

Total power: 22.65kw

*Providing starch adhesive for single facer and gluing machine, etc. 

*Horizontal glue making machine can produce main body glue and carring body glue, and mix and stir, the glue making quantity is large.

*In glue making shop, glue inside store barrel will be sent to store barrel of every using glue machine, and supply their glue.


*Store barrel, supply glue barrel have stir device, to avoid glue deposit.

* The glue making system are including carring body barrel, main body barrel, store barrel, and glue supplying pump, and back- glue pump, etc. 

*The glue making system adopts auto-cycling supply glue, extra glue will follow back back-glue barrel. The glue level will be auto-controlled, the glue inside back-glue barrel will be sent back to store barrel of using glue machine, cyclically supply glue, to save glue and prevent glue burnted and deposited. 

*After work finished, the extra glue of each using glue machine will be drawn to store barrel of glue shop by pump, for next time usage. 

* Responsible technical guide and advising adhesive agent formulation

Raw material and bought-in parts

Horizontal agitator:main body pot engine power 5.0kw  1set continuous work  from Wuxi 

Carring body pot engine power  1.5kw 1set continuous work  from Wuxi

Glue making shop store pot engine power: 0.75kw  1set  continuous work  from Wuxi

Single facer store pot engine power:    0.75kw   2set   continuous work  from Wuxi

Single facer back-glue pot engine power: 0.75kw   2set not continuous work from Wuxi

Gluing machine store pot engine power: 0.75kw 1set continuous work  from Wuxi

Gluing machine back-glue pot engine power: 0.75kw 1set not continuous work  from Wuxi

Glue transporting pump engine power:  2.2kw 2set  not continuous work  from Wuxi

Glue making shop and barrels, pipes, etc should be provided by client, the pipe diameter is 2'zinc galvanized 

Bearing: China famous brand

Ball valves, tee, elbow, moving connects, in-side and outside joints are of high qualified products in China

Eletric appliances: Chint, China 

GF-T Pneumatic System


1. Technical parameter

Working pressure:0.8-1.0MPa Environment temperature:-5℃----+50℃

Compressed air output:0.9/min Store barrel volume:1.5m3

Working electricity: 380V 50Hz

System total power: 7.5kw intermittent work

2. Characteristic

3. To provide compressed air for whole production line, and keep working pressure stable. *Compressed air station supply compressed air, pressure is stable and quantity is enough. 

4. The air will be filtered in the station, to keep air clean and stable. 

5. Each air-using machine will get air through main pipeline, independently control and not affecting with other.

6. Each air-using machine will adjust air pressure according to actual requirement, equipped with pressure monitor dial plate.

7. The pipelines with machinery will be made of copper or high quality of PVC pipe, reliable and durable.

8. Before the compressed air enter into the air-using machine, second filter and oil-frog treatment will be required, so as to make sure relative parts normal and safety used. 

9. Combines pneumatic system and electric control system into one body, operate them together. 

10. Raw material and bought-in parts

11. Air compressor: 7.5kw  

12. Store barrel materials: 20# steel Ji Steel, thickness: 20mm   pressure container is made according to pressure container safety standard.  

13. Proportional valves, pressure adjustment valves, pressure meter, electricmagnetic valves, filtering device, made in Airtac Taiwan

EF-T Electric System


1. The surface of the control station treated with lacquer, made of stainless steel, abrade-resistence, and good look

2. Electronic components imported, most of them from “Chint”China, 

3. With famous transducer, to make stepless speed regulation, stable and energy save. 

4. Every control station shows the working condition of the relative machine that is easily easily supervised.

6. Every control station prepares the interfaces to computer corrugator production management system 

7. Whole production line will be completely controlled, while main line is including single facer group, double facer, slitter, cutoff.

8. The comprehensive usage of pneumatic control, pneumatic control, electric control, to make sure the advance of whole production line control.  

9. Each machine are designed to have two systems, independent control and cross point control, can meet the need of each machine independently works, and of the working together with other machines.

10. There is caution system among machines, so as to coordinate the work of each operator.

11. Each operation desk can correctly show the working speed of other machine.

12. B、C machine and double facer have speed indicating device. 

13. Regular low voltage electric appliances: Chint, China

SP-S Steam System


1. Pipelines and valves.

2. Energy save structure make the paper pre-heaterd sufficiently, metal tube instead of siphon, make draining completely, can prove the temperature and productivity efficiently.

3. Straight draining system, stainless steel device, independent draing, water calling back centralized, no need maintenance. Simple structure to make easy install and maintain.

4. Steam consumption: 1.2-1.8t/h

5. Boiler: 4T/h

6. Boiler pressure: 13MPa

7. Temperature inside pipes: 160-200℃

8. Steam pressure:0.8-1.3MPa

9. Single facer enter steam pipe diameter:¢48mm  Drainage steam pipe diameter:¢32mm   

10. Pre-heater enter steam pipe diameter:¢48mm  Drainage steam pipe diameter¢32mm   

11. Triple-heater enter steam pipe diameter:¢48mm Drainage steam pipe diameter¢32mm   

12. Secondary gluing machine enter steam pipe dia.:¢48mm 

13. Drainage steam pipe diameter:¢32mm   

14. Baker and finalizing enter steam pipe diameter:¢48mm 

15. Drainage steam pipe diameter : ¢32mm   

16. Supplying steam for whole production line and steam using machine, keep working temperature stable. 

17. Each machine has independent small steam system, five section control temperature, save resource, easily adjust.

18.Control working temperature can be completed by adjusting steam pressure, and equipped pressure monitoring dial plate.

19. Each drainage water unit has side way to drain air, the machine will become cooling very soon when it stopped.

20. Floating ball supply water device, 1/2 metal soft pipe and ball valves connect with side way, plunger valve. 

21. Pipeline system connects with rotary heating parts by metal soft pipes, so as to expand the usage life of rotary joints. 

22. All steam pipelines are of seamless steel pipes, make sure safety usage under high pressure. 

23. All steam pipelines surface are painted with rusty-preventing paint, brush sliver-power. 

24. Raw material and bought-in parts

25. Rotary joints, metal soft pipe: Luguanqiu Shandong

26. Drain valves: Made in Japan 

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