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WJ200-2500-7 Seven Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Main Specification Model: WJ200 2500mm 7layers corrugated cardboard production line 1.Design speed: 200m/min 2.Normal work speed: 120m/min 3.Manufacture width: 2500mm 4.Production line dimension:appr. 95m*10m*5m 5.Note:The roll paper...

Product Details

WJ200-2500-7 Seven Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Main Specification

Model: WJ200 2500mm 7layers corrugated cardboard production line

1.Design speed: 200m/min

2.Normal work speed: 120m/min

3.Manufacture width: 2500mm

4.Production line dimension:appr. 95m*10m*5m

5.Note:The roll paper which is used to test the production speed should meet following requirements:

*.Grade: Min.B

* Moisture content: 11% ± 1%

*.Face paper: 140~200g/m2   

* Core paper: 125~150g/m2

* Inner paper:105~150g/m2

*.Corrugated paper: 105- 135g/m2

6.Flute profiles: B,C,E,F flute(as per clients request)

7.Electricity: 380V, 50Hz  three-phase Four wire type(depend on clients country standard) 

8.Total power:550KW

9.Steam boiler:6Ton and the pressure should be 1.6Mpa(supply by client)

10.Equipment Direction:Left or Right transmission will be according to client's requirements.

Remarks: Buyer supply part:

1.Air compressor and glue pipeline

2.Main power, electric wire from operate box to main power.

3.Water supply, pipeline and barrel.

4.Water, electric and gas, main groundsill foundation. 

5.Test machine use Raw materials ( paper roll, corn starch, caustic soda, sodium borax) to test machinery

6.Machine use oil, lubricate oil and high temperature lubricate oil.

7.Installing engineer’s food, hotel and supply enough workers to help installing and test machine. 

8.Boiler 6Tons supply by clients.the pressure should be 16bars

WJ200-2500-7ply corrugated cardboard prodcution line




Unit price (RMB)

Amount price



Heavy mill roll stand


Full hydraulic 、inner expansion chuck,hydraulicsystem(Taiwan brand),multiple point brake,with push paper device


Railing and reel


Include railing and mill roll stand has 2 sets




¢1000,electric rotary, electric adjust wrapping angle


Cassette single facer


C、B tungsten carbide roller ¢408、low roller¢325、pressure roller ¢500,PLC adjust glue quantity according the speed

Corrugated roller for spare


Surface paint tungsten carbide E type (include electric car for change roller 1 set)




¢1000,electric rotary, electric adjust wrapping angle


Three layers conveyor bridge


Leading paper device 3 sets


Four layers pre-heater


¢1000,electric rotary, electric adjust wrapping angle


Twice glue machine


Main bearing adopt Japan, Auto adjust glue quantity according the speed. Color touch screen , servo drive .


Doubel facer


600mm×20pcs hot plate,surface do treated and plate and cool section all press plate type,PLC control , outside colsed type .


Main drive


Independ reduce speed box 、2 DC motor drive、imported wrapping angle


Speed test platform


Test and track the speed


Computer stacker


Single layers automatic stak ,output,include chain auto pulley and six receiving area , could receive paper length 3.5m


Electric system


Electric appliance adopt ABB、Schneider famous brand ,motor and reduce speed motor adopt Taiwan Chengbang Dongyuan , touch screen MITSUBISHI , glue machine servo motor MITSUBISHI,PLC adopt MITSUBISHI


Steam system


Adopt Taiwan hydrophobic valve, automatic controltemperature, display temperature.pipeline after machine provide by buyer


NC slitter scorer


7 scorer 12 line


Web separate




NC cut off


Servo drive


Pneumatic system


Are compressor provide by buyer


Auto splicer




Auto glue making system



Waste paper suction device


Wind motor、2 pipline、out of the workshop pipe by buyer


Production line manage system




Digital display screen



Bridge auto correct error


Total : FOB Xingang China

Quality Guarantee

1. Quality Guarantee period: one year after final acceptance

2. Within the period of quality guarantee, the Seller is obliged to supply technical assistance to the Buyer to ensure normal production. Within the period of quality guarantee, in case of any defects or malfunctions, which have been proven to be caused by Seller’s poor materials, designing errors, and poor fabrication and assembly technology, upon receipt of the Buyer’s information in writing, the Seller will send its technicians immediately. 

3. Within the period of quality guarantee, in case of any defects or malfunctions, which have been proven to be caused by the Buyer using improper material, mis-operating and maintenance, upon receipt of the Buyer’s information in writing, the Seller will send its technicians immediately. The international air tickets (if necessary), local transportation and accommodation will be borne by the buyer.

【Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand RS-1500H】



This machine is used for supporting and outputting device


1. Working width: Max: 2500mm

2.could equip 2 sets reel paper , change paper without stop machine.

3.whole machine with 6 cylinder controled , hydraulic control arm lift and down,open and closed , right and left move .

4.The clamp arm adopt casting, more stable .  

5.Hydraulic system adopt Taiwan

6.Tension control:multiple point brake , with air-pressure valve, pressure regulating valve and manometer to show details when running.

7.The head of mill roll stand adopt inner expansion type 

8.Max reel paper diameter :1500mm Min reel paper diameter :350mm.

【Railing and pulley】



1.Moving paper roller, light and flexible

2.One mill roll stand includes two tailing and pulley

3.electric hydraulic control the pulley move in.

【Pre-heater 】motorized rotary



This machine is used for heating liner (pre-conditioner for corrugated paper), and dry to control temperature and humidity of liner (pre-conditioner for corrugated paper)


Working width: Max2500mm   

Diameter of heating roller: 1000mm in separately pre-heater 

Heating roller adopts professional manufacturer product, passed the nation pressure vessel text.

Wrap roller: Ø110MM—2sets, one fix roller, and other one floating roller.

Motorized wrap angle can be suit for different speed.

Adopt 1/2HP motor add worm gear reducer 1set, gear drive type. 

Electric motor driving the pre-heater roller rotary when running machine.

【Cassette single facer 】


*The design of corrugated roller positioned under the pressure roller, considering to reduce the center of gravity and the vibration when the machine is running.

*Adopt suction type corrugated roller to make the cardboard more smoothly.

*Movable type gluing unit adopt independent transmission convenience to clean and maintain.

*The inlet and outlet of steam focus on one connect plate, connection controlled by pneumatic, convenient and quick

*Pressure of corrugated roller, pressure roller and gluing unit controlled by hydraulic, more smoothly.

*Quick change the corrugated roller in appr.  5~10 mins

*Design speed: 200m/min

*Paper working width: 2500mm

*Corrugated roller 408mm*325mm,the material is 48CrMo alloy steel, surface do chrome plated.

*Press roller 450mm

*Glue roller 310mm

*Doctor roller 190mm

*Pre-heater roller 500mm

*Steam fast change: fast insert type change steam, convenience and flexible

*Corrugated roller, press roller, glue roller, close adopt pneumatic control

*Main motor: 45kw

*Glue part driven motor: 5kw

*Glue area motor: 200w 2sets Taiwan brand

*Electrical main adopt ABB Schneider brand

【Bridge Conveyor 】




This is conveyer bridge is designed for transport single-side corrugated paper by the top of the single facer to the multiplex pre-heater.

Machine Introduction: 

1.Adopts suction tension device, use high pressure adsorption motor to suction the single face paper, make it flat to input the next process.

2.Max width :2500mm

3.take the paper to the bridge device two units for each single facer

4.two handrail , three stairs 

5.the road made by 150mm Rectangular tube and 1000mm wide steel grille.

The electric appliance adopt ABB Schneider etc internation brand 

The motor adopt Taiwan Dongyuang Chengbang .

【Gluing Machine】


Machine Introduction:

1. Max work width: 2500mm

2. Max work speed: 200m/min

3. Gluing roller diameter: φ318—3pcs

4. Steel pipeline product, surface do special grinding and hard chromed. 

5. Doctor roller diameter: φ160---2pcs

  Steel (S45C),grinding and do hard chromed.

6. Each roller all pass China Pressure Vessel test, with certificate. 

7. Pressing roller: φ200—3pcs carbon steel, do grinding and polishing treatment. 

8. Leading paper roller: φ110—6pcs, steel product, hard chromed and polishing treatment. 

9. Pneumatic cylinder: (Upper pressing roller lift-down)  -----6pcs

PLC control the glue thickness , electric push rod , touch screen display data , also could adjust by electric. 

【Double Facer 】



Double facer is corrugated paper enter into hot plants heating and molding after pasted glue, and become board after cooling.

Heating section & Heating plants:

1.Heating plants: steel product, dimension: 150MM*600MM*2660MM.

2.The surface experienced grinding, chrome plating and polishing treatment, clean up the within-stress after jointed hot plates, and that ensure heated temperature equably within 0.5MM.

3.Passed the nation pressure vessel text, add the pressure vessel certification

4. The hydraulic pressure system automatic control the hang-board to drive pressing roller lift-down.Install lift-down gear box 12 pcs.

5.Steam input pipe:Ø4 seamless pipe(main machine part supply by manufacturer, out of machine part provided by buyer)

6.Steam output part: Ø3 seamless pipe(main machine part supply by manufacturer, out of machine part provided by buyer)

Dydrophobic valve adopt Taiwan 

With adjust trans belt right and left move device one set

Cool section 

Upper adopt press plate type

Lower adopt hold plate type.

Lower belt with tension control device ,and correct error device 1 set 

Specification :

Max width :2500mm

Work speed 200m/min

Main drive


1. Main motor drive upper and lower driving rollers by cotton belt, makes the carton to next process.

2. The driving gear box adopts oblique gear structure, high strength, low noise, and convenient for maintaining.

3.Independent gear box drive , oil seal type 

4.main drive motor :2 sets DC motor ,whole power 112kw width :2500mm speed :200m/min


SS-200N Computer Control Slitter Scorer


Technical parameter

*Design speed:200m/min

*Max. slitting width:2500mm                

*7 blades 12 scores                    

*the whole machine can move left-right ±90mm

*Whole machine dimension:3650×1450×2380

*Total power: 16.25kw

*Electricity:380V   50Hz     

*Working pressure:0.6~0.9 MPa

*Comparative moisture:20%~90%     

*Temperature required:5~50℃


* Whole machine control system adopt Taiwan origin computer and PCL control .

* A memory of 999 orders, which could select any order to produce as requirement at the working time. 

*Automatic synchronizes with the corrugators.

*Automatic knife grinding system can realize to repair the knife while the line is running without any stop. Knife grinding device also could enactment the interval meters according to material and edge condition. 

*Blade and scorer adjusts automatically, and have electro motion venier regulating function. 

*Scorer depth adjustment controlled by computer, match manual button for vernier regulation

*Upper and lower scorer wheels controlled by air pressure, and it will not need to cutoff the cardboard during order exchanging.

*Three score types for single wall, double wall and triple wall, which can also press different thickness in order to cardboard print.

*It is easy to change the knife, every knife matches adjustable automatic grinding lubricate device, record the cutting length independently. Consumers can enactment the grinding time and interval time according to different paper material and cutting space condition.

*1mm high quality knife cut the cardboard with a high speed ensure the cut edge clean and beautiful which it is better for printing. Knife use time is more than 600,000 meters

*Knife elbow wheel lifts and lower by air pump that it does not need to cut off the cardboard while exchanging the size or specification.

*Each knife seat and wheel controlled by computer, independent motor, automatic change specification with high speed and high size precision. Spacing error is within 0.5mm.

Raw materials and bought-in parts

*Main wall plate two sides: Q235A

*Blade: Diameter260mm, Materials: rigid alloy steel      

*Bearing: made in China famous brand

*Pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic parts: Tianyuan, Yadeke, Origin: Shandong, Taiwan 

NC cutting machine


Helical knives NC cutting machine

Designed Speed: 200m/min

Effective width: 2500mm

Cutting length: 500mm-9999mm

Cutting tolerance: ±1mm


Auto-cyc oil pump lubrication

Precise adjustable seamless gear assuring good mesh

Computer memory of many orders.

Addition and cancellation of orders are possible at all times. 

Possible display of production index and in favorable index.

Automatically ajustment of the cutting speed according to the specification of the paperboard and the speed of the production.

*Special structure design, high tensile strength wall plate and seat, there are watching window on wall plate two sides, convenient and easy to maintain. 

*Transmitting system adopts oil pump auto-cycling lubricating, make sure transmitting precision. 

*Adopting high precision, high rigidity whetted gears, bearing high running and durable, make sure blade-edge joggle exactly, cardboard is level off and clean

*high precision shaft, blade carrier design, cutting stably when machine high speed running

*Special changing blade structure, quickly and easily changing blade 

*The system is made according to C.E. standard, and has been strictly tested by industry computer. The quality, life, and stability can be guaranteed. 

*Driving unit adopts A.C. Servo drive, quickly and exactly acts. 

*Special electricity structure design, more saving electricity, can avoid the problems of not stable electricity. 

*System has self test function, can prevent machine loss because of abnormal usage and false operation 

*Computer automatically adjusts cutting speed according to cardboard specifications and production speed, automatically follow cardboard running speed, assure in –phase. 

*Computer reserves 999 groups of order, and auto-complete based on the program and preferential condition, the screen display various production message. 

*Cutting length: 500~9999mm,cutting precision :±1mm。

*Rotary blade is made in Taiwan 

*Shaft bearings are from NSK, Japan, suitable for machine high speed running, durable.



1.Design speed: 200m/min

2.Max stack height: 2500mm

3.Max stack length: 3500mm

4.Basket automatic stack, hydraulic lift-down, electric control horizontal output, fast and steady. 

5.Transfer carton sheet part adopt wide conveyer belt, work steady. 

6.Move type many orders carton sheet transfer, work steady and high precision. 

9.Drive adopt frequency motor, transfer belt speed could be follow production line work speed to change, high work effective.

10.Each belt install independent motor drive, suit for different speed and length sheets transfer and stack. 

11.Horizontal output part adopt chain drive, work steady, low noisy and easy maintenance.

12.All rolls adopt chromed surface, beauty and long work life. 

Includes 1500*3000mm steel roller 6 sets 

【EF-T Electric System】


1.single facer ,double facer,slitter scorer ,cut off is main line .

2.the control type :hydraulic pneumatic electric together control type 

3.each unit adopt two sets control type ,independent control and mutual control 

4.A B machine and single facer machine equipped With speed display. Whole line main motor adopt frequence control 

5.main electric appliance adopt ABB , Schneider etc

【SP-Steam System】



System Introduction:

1. Supply heating source for whole production line, ensure temperature and pressure stable.

2. Each machine group supply steam separately independent, easy to adjust and save energy.

3. Adjusted the pressure to control work temperature, with meter to watch details.

4. Each drain unit with emptying device, make the cool after finish manufacture.

5. Each pipe adopts seamless steal pipe, ensure safety in manufacturing.

6. Each pipe surface lacquering anti-rust paint and aluminum powder, do stain proofing treatment. 

【production line manage system】


Specification :


Parts name



Working situation


Main computer (Lenovo)


Search other raw material


Color display screen(LG)


Search other order


Standard online network adapter card(Japan)


Input order


Computer of nc cut machine calculation(Japan)


Change order


Delete order


Search order


Rearrangement order


Display raw material of each machine


Today data

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