Corrugated Box Manufacturing Machine

Corrugated Box Manufacturing Machine

2200*1000AUTOMATIC PRINT SLOT MACHINE Picture for your reference only I.Uses and Features automatic print slot die cutting machine is used for box making line which from board to box, to feed, print and split , cut corner, slot,die cutting ect. The machine used for multi-unit connect, adapt...

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Picture for your reference only

I.Uses and Features

automatic print slot die cutting machine is used for box making line which from board to box, to feed, print and split , cut corner, slot,die cutting ect.

The machine used for multi-unit connect, adapt opening and closing of track structure, the electric opening and closing air pressure type car wall lock system, convenient usage and maintenance.

Feeding system adapt the vacuum adsorption front feeding system, box board will be adsorbed on the paper feeding wheel, making the board can be send to the device smoothly, and with electric control skip feeding to match the larger cardboard conveying.

Printing part adopts the water-soluble ink, ink with dual mode of pneumatic diaphragm pump automatic cycle, it is easy to change ink or wash ink. Equipped with plate fast hanging version system, make the operation convenient and quick.

Die cut unit adopt quick change type rubber cushion, rubber roller can move free in the axial direction, and matched with rubber cushion trimming device ,when the machine not die cut, the rubber roller depart automatically , it can prolong its using life; automatic differential gear ensure the die cutting in high precision .

After the machine it matched with automatic stacker.

The machine with improve printing topping accuracy design, such as the PLC touch screen control and planetary electric digital 360 degree adjustment, long service life and easy to adjust accurately;

Transmission gear is made from alloy steel, which are be heated treatment of hardness, according to the requirements of high precision processing and manufacturing, and adapt the fluid infiltration mechanism, long service life, low noise, smooth operation, ensure color topping more accuracy.

Wallboard is 50 mm thick cast iron material, after annealing heat treatment deformation, the machine run smoothly, improve the printing accuracy;

All the transmission roller, shaft are fine grinding, hard chromium plating process;

Automatic cycle ink system, easy operation, ink quantity can trace adjustment. Ink roller department can rise pneumatic and separated, to prevent downtime when the ink dries up, and convenient to clean ink roller;

Each unit electric moving , pneumatic locking, relax. With alarm, warning light can improve the safety of the operation.

The machine with automatic counting device, can control the production quantity correctly.


The function of every unit 

◆Leading edge unit : sending paper 

◆Print unit:print single or multi colour 

◆slot unit: creasing, trim blade, slot , cut corner, punching 

◆Die cutting unit: die the carton board used the die module 

II.main technical parameters 900*1800

Speed:140 pcs/min

Economic speed  : 120pcs/min 

Max. paper size:900X2000

max. print size:900X1800

min.paper size: 260X650mm

layer of paper board :3,5 layers     

standard print plate thickness: 7.2mm

III. Electric parts




feeding paper unit



1.front edge system



2, main electric motor

16 KW frequency control

1 set

3, machine’s start and stop

2.2 KW 1/80 gear motor

1 set

4. adjusting of right and left baffle

0.18KW 1/25 CAVEX

2 set

5. cleaning and vacuum draught fan


1 set

6.absorb fan


2 set

printing unit



1.radial phase adjustment

0.18KW 1/40 CAVEX

Four colour 4 set

2, axial phase adjustment

0.18KW 1/60 CAVEX

Four colour 4 set

3, roller idling

0.75KW 1/40 gear motor

Four colour 4 set

slot unit



1. radial phase adjustment

0.18KW 1/40 CAVEX


axial link motor

0.4KW 1/30 CAVEX

4 set

die cut unit



1. phase adjustment

0.18KW 1/40 CAVEX


2. trimming motor

0.18KW 1/40 CAVEX

1 set




1. lifting motor

3 KW brake gear motor

1 set

2. driving motor

2.2KW adjustable-speed motor

1 set

When the board neat, size is moderate, intensity bigger the machine can run in very good condition. Parameters as follows: 300≤ board width≤1000. When the board width is less than 300 mm, the speed should be below 100 pieces per minute, and in accordance with the need to put rubber in the printing roller to auxiliary feed. When cardboard warping, according to the degree of warping to reduce speed. When large cardboard warping should make in smooth before using.

IV . Specification table 

1.feeding unit

①three axis front edge paper sending unit with 11 kw blower fan, suction to help sending paper, the air volume can be adjust according to the cardboard degree of bend, frequency conversion air volume adjustment, make sure to send paper smoothly. (using method as show in the leading edge operation instruction) 

②The air volume is adjustable, sending paper dangling (paper raise) system is controlled by cylinder. Equipped with dust removal fan and the brush whish can eliminate impurities on the surface of the cardboard, improve the quality of the printing.

③Paper roll designed ahead and rear two-axis structure, ahead paper shaft is pneumatic type elastic rubber roller which don't destroy the strength of corrugated board, the inner rubber is soft and outer is hard which are good stretching resistance and wear, prolong service life, lower feed roller steel embossing plating processing

④ paper delivery up roller diameter ф120 mm,down dlivery roller diameter ф120mm

2.print unit : 


①Planetary gear phase variable frequency electric adjustment, the version of roller circumferential 360 degree adjustment, input button electric operation can also touch screen digital adjustment, accurate and convenient.

②Ink circulate adopts pneumatic ink pump, ink stability, simple operation and maintenance.

③Ink mesh filter impurities, to protect network roll.

④Print plate with hanging scroll version, unilateral lock, make the version of contrapuntal accurate, convenient, fast. Full version hangs groove, suitable for 10 mm version of the article. When loading and unloading the print unit, foot switch of electric control and reversing are convenient and flexible.

⑤Pre creasing gear: the paper board is not easy be destroy after the creasing , the gap dial of creasing gears is adjust by hand, the dial showing data .

⑥Print plate roller ф480mm, High quality thick wall seamless steel tube, the surface conditioning, fine grinding, plated collaterals.

⑦anilox roller is ф196.8 mm, line umber 180-250line

⑧ distribute rubber rocker diameter ф180 mm. slotting unit ----electric adjust knives


① The up creasing gear with nylon rubber 

② the slot knife site with sideway moving adjustment device.

1)slot knife width 7mm

2)The slot knives and cut corner knives are from alloy steel which is heat processed , the knives more sharp and with good hardness and toughness, also with high precision.

3)Creasing gear, guiding paper gear, up and down slotting knife site are matched with precision screw , transverse electric synchronization ,adapt PLC, touch screen and electric button to control (static  and dynamic all can be adjust),it can save 999 orders.

③ slot phase adjustment device 

1)Planetary gear structure, 360 degree Positive &negative adjustment

2)Front and back of Slot knives adapt PLC and touch screen to control the machine and electric 360 degree adjustment (static  and dynamic all can be adjust) 

5.die cut unit


①Die cut phase with PLC and electric control. 

②Rubber roller with trimming device, it can be used many times, it can save much cost.

③Rubber roller mechanical CAM type transverse 40 mm moving device, improve the service life of die cutting pads.

④Die cutting roller(lower roller)

1)Diameter of die cutting roller is ф272.36mm(it do not including thickness of die cutter plate)

2)There are many screw on die cutting roller (clearance between screws is 50mm*62.6mm) it fit for different size die cutter plates.

3)It fit for die cutter plate height 25.4mm。

⑤Rubber cushion roller(upper roller)

1)Diamter of rubber cushion roller is φ312.2mm,thickness of rubber cushion is 8 mm (diamter is φ328mm),240mm×9 pc

2)Rubber cushion roller can horizontal moving 40mm, it can improve the service life of rubber cushion .

3)It takes differential compensation device, it adjusts the speed autoamticlly,it can insure the same size for repeat order.

⑥Phase and clearance adjustment structure Phase and clearance adjustment is same as printing part

⑦Trimming device:

1)Lead screw rotation is driven by worm gear reducer, which drive the repair knife moving in left/right and trim the rubber cushion .The rubber cushion is in good shape and right position after trimmed ,it can reduce the die cutting pressure, improve the service life of rubber cushion.

2)"Forward trim" and “backward trim” button on control system make the repair knife move to side ,put the "stop"button ,it stop repairing.

5. transmission gear 

Gear is made of 40Gr, the thickness of up to 50 mm, high wear resistance, easy maintenance, etc.

6. The machine body from HT - 150 material , the thickness 50 mm, shock absorption performance is good, braced by GB channel steel, solid and stable. Set the electric opening and closing.

7. Electrical part features: the domestic and international famous brand electrical control components, reliable operation, the circuit design is reasonable, easy operation, long service life. 

V. lubrication of machine 

Add the 20-30# oil on the transmission gear before starting, add 2-3# calcium base grease on chain wheels. check and wash the bearing located at support part and add 2-3# calcium base grease 

Add lubricated oil on ink distributor motor every month. Replace the lubrication oil within three month since the day when new machine working. After three month machine running, replace the lubrication oil when machine worked 2000 hours. Lubricating the lubricating nipple every three to five days.

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