Carton Box Making Machine

Carton Box Making Machine

2400×900 Boxline Flexo Folder Gluer Specification Overview: 1.This machine can complish printer slotter gluer an packing at once time. 2.spray lubrication, oil is balanced by mechanical level conduction 3.Order changed easy and fast, it is controlled by can memory 200 orders,movable...

Product Details

2400×900 Boxline Flexo Folder Gluer 





The highest speed(pcs/min)


Maximum feeder size(mm)


Minimum feeder size(mm)


Largest printing size(mm)


Standard overprinter precision(mm)


Minimum slotting gap(mm0



Anti knife(mm)


Suitable cardboard thickness(mm)


The highest gluer speed(pcs/min)



1.This machine can complish printer slotter gluer an packing at once time.

2.spray lubrication, oil is balanced by mechanical level conduction

3.Order changed easy and fast, it is controlled by can memory 200 orders,movable unit,full vacuum adsorbing feeding.

4.high precision planet structure for every phase unit,360 degree adjustment,PLC screen touch control and digital display.

5.The chain of transmission line with a unique clamping composite folding belt transmission system,so that feed more accurate,more sleek folding.

6.Horizontal folding-oriented transmission structure,and to ensure folding accuracy.

7.Automatically sets the number of output, computer-controlled.

8.European standards specification for all electrical,electronic and pneumatic components 

Feeding unit


1.Main motor is equipped with C2000 vector inverter,it save power consumption, speed up and down easily

2 Air quantity is controlled by converter,it controls the vacuum air flow and pressure ,make it fit for the cardboard size.

3. Left/right and back baffle position is controlled by screen touch. Front baffle clearance is adjusted by hand.

4.It is equipped with dust removing device.

5.Double leading-in roller structure.

6.Automatic zero set.

Printing unit


1.Vacuum adsorption suction feeder system.

2.Adjustment unit and gears unit apdopts brake motor device of taiwan, frequency control, meter display,phase zero memery.

3.Axial lateral shifting is adjusted though screw driven by Taiwan reducer. 4.Two-roll ink metering system and additional single doctor blade ink metering equiped with ink metering Ceramic anilox roll improve ink metering efficiency

4.Ink metering motor with Varying Frequency Speed Control enables speed difference adjusting related to main motor speed to ensure 

5.Register automatic positioning system, equipped with zero detection devices.

6.Phase adjustment adopts High-precision planetary structure, enabling non-stop adjustment CW or CCW within 360 degree; 

7.Register of printing cylinder and axial lateral shifting are motorized adjustment with PLC and Touch-screen control, which can be saved in order management system.

Slotting unit


1.Three-axis structure:prepressing-pressure line-slotting

2.Pressing-axis up and down,pressing line axis,slotting axis are plated chromium after grinded.

3.The space among slotting knife,preload roller,and pressure roller is adjusted of electronic control anti-collision.

4.Change pressure line tape quickly.

5.Carton height is locked to avoid error of carton height

6.Adjustment system of carton height ,avoiding damage of machine.

7.Cutter adjustment with blade protecting power controlling system

8.Phase adjustment adopts High-precision planetary structure, enabling non-stop adjustment CW or CCW within 360 degree; 

9.According to equirment, blade can move.

10.Hand-clasping die cutting (optional).

11.Register automatic positioning system, equipped with zero detection device

12.Protection of blade ,avoiding damage of machine efficiently management system.

Gluer unit




1、opetation control

1)Computer touch screen,PLC and the revolving encoder can  detect adjustment automatically, automatic store orders quickly .
2)The phase size of push paper converters can be adjustable through PLC and the revolving encoder,also electrical button
3)Equipped with a sudden stop device to ensure security
4)The phase size of push paper converters has zero setting,ensuring the first feeder precison

2、the adjustment of push paper converters

1)Adopting high precision speed-adjusted 360
2)Phase zero device, ensure consistency position paper push

3、gluer roller

1)The roller surface grinding, the dynamic balance correction, chromium plating, turn smoothly.
2) Frequency convertor control, PLC automatic network with host speed, ensure gluing evenly.
3) Set non-stop automatic glue on the function, not dry solid together.
4)Together with adaptive seal and blow back glue system

4、shaped system

1)Germany import MURTFELDT - CKG precision positioning precision, chain guide, patent, pushing paper paper feeding is accurate.
2) Slider orientation and bending design, belt "cardboard cartons, remove the maximum reduction.
3) Special 45 ° high oblique crease knife, forming a better bend lines.
4) On both sides of the patent agency, qi paper forming can eliminate the scissors.
5) Adaptive 3, 5 ply cardboard.

5、transmit belt

Imported rubber belts and two-sided patterns beige blue film base

Strapping Unit


Simple Machine Heart Design

Simple packaging the heart of the design, the machine was 30% lower than other parts, and reduce maintenance requirements. The design allows easy maintenance and training, as compared to other machines much simpler.



Operation Control

packaging speed can be up to 25 packs / min
System Features:
Equipped with "Proface" touch screen controlled by Siemens S7 PLC with an integrate function of trim packaging.
Automatic setting system can work according to the signals sent out by the buttons or the position machine, and set packaging according to the size of the first pack;
Stack the packs perfectly trim from the six azimuths;
E-drive, variable frequency control system and up&down roller ensure a smooth delivery for the packs.
Select single-strap packing or dual-strap packing according to the requirements ; Single & Dual-strap packing head can do single-strap packing or dual-strap packing.
Electric drive hold-down plate press the packs; packing the packs in its running direction, and the packing direction is the same with the folding direction of the cartons;
The drive belt in the optional pack exit will deliver the last pack out of the machine.
Packing technology:
Thruster push the packs through the pre-thread packing straps, and the straps wrap three sides of the packs
Crochet hook hauls the strap to the fourth side of the pack, forming a closed circle and then start up the heating equipment, electically control the tension of the straps;
Crochet hook and packing equipment adopt brushless DC motor technology;
Thermocouple heating control welding technology makes the pre-heating time for the system only takes 10 seconds.


1.Main motor is from Nanjing kongte,ohter motor are Taiwan wanxin ,adsorption air blower is  from Shanghai yingda.

2.Feeder unit:main motor 37kw(1 set),adsorption air blower 7.5kw(1set),dust removal air blower 3kw (1 set),motor for right and left baffle 0.25kw(2 sets),motor for back baffle 0.25kw(1 set) walking motor 1.5kw(1 set)

3.Printing unit:phase motor 0.37kw set/colour,ink distribution motor 0.75kw set/colour,motor for plate roll moving transversely 0.25kw set/colour

4.Slotting unit:motor for register and back blade 0.55 (2 sets),motor for blade moving 0.75kw (5 sets)

5.Gluer unit:register motor 0.37kw (1 set),gluring motor 0.25kw (1 set),transverse moving motor 0.55kw (3 sets)

6.Stacker unit:controll motor 0.55kw(4 sets)

7.Total power:45 kw

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