SF268 Cardboard Production Fingerless Single Facer Corrugated Roller Machine

Technical Parameters : * Valid Working Width : 1 6 00mm * Highest Speed : 50 mm/min * Economical Working Speed : 30-40 mm/min * The electric heating Power: 35kw. * The Whole Power : 65 .45kw * Working Voltage : 380V Frequency: 50Hz Function and Features: * Corrugated roller: φ 268 mm * Drive...

Product Details

Technical Parameters:


*Valid Working Width:  1600mm


*Highest Speed:50mm/min   *Economical Working Speed:30-40mm/min


*The electric heating Power: 35kw.


*The Whole Power :65.45kw    *Working Voltage:380V Frequency:50Hz    


Function and Features:


*Corrugated roller:φ268mm
*Drive decelerate box adopts oiliness lubricate,light noise,chain transmission separate power.
* Lift-lower of upper corrugating roller,pressure roller and glue roller are completed by pneumatic control.
*Cardboard transmitting method adopts vacuum equipment, with wind control. Keep flute profiles stable of the lower-roller in the condition of running up.
*Axletree of corrugated and pressure roller adopts high temperature resistant lube.
*Glue parts auto supply glue circularly


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